Arthritus, any hints please for a reasonable life

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My husband has been suffering from both forms of arthritus for many years. Up until a year ago he managed to live a normal life, he has just turned 69, and with the miserable Summer we have just had and the cold damp weather now approaching his days are full of pain. I have been on the internet but found mostly adverts for magic pain relief. The doctor can only prescribe painkillers, I know there is no cure for arthritus, I just wondered if anyone in a similar situation has found relief by diet, avoiding certain foods etc. anything which could give some degree of help from this awful condition. Thank you, any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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sunshinedays 1193933916

Vinegar is supposed to cleanse joints as well as having many other potential health benefits. I don't mean ordinary malt vinegar. There is information about this so perhaps you could try looking on the net to see what is recommended.

There are also natural herbal remedies from a company based in Jersey. They are tax free and postage is also free. Contact me if you want their details. They send you regular booklets that explain what benefits their products have and they aren't really that expensive when you consider the potency contained within their products and they are natural.


Pandora29-388840 1193935734

Good moaning

I suffer from osteoarthritis as well as ankylose spondolitis (spelling ?) and had very strong painkillers for more than 15 years. When living in the UK, never once after the initial diagnosis have I been re-examined. When coming to France I stopped taking these painkillers and have learned to cope with the pain. The side-effects of the medication taken are unbelievable, total loss of hair, diabetic, blood disorders, of which too much iron in blood is only one example.

Whatever you do, don't quack yourself or take to patent medicine. Arthritis is a very serious condition and must be treated as such. What helps one person may be "poison" to another. Here in France you can see a specialist, a rheumatologiste, any time of the day. If unsatisfied, go and see another. If at all possible, move to the Med. We have done and I am a lot better !!

Take care

The Box

jenip-401754 1193936455

The best cure (and it does, believe me, I have arthritis in my hands, hips, feet, neck and knees and since taking the tablets some 15 years ago, I have no pain anywhere!) and it is recommended by doctors in the UK and the product is glucosamine. If you go online to, find the Optiflex glucosamine tablets and order them. Only 2 pounds for postage to France and if there is anything else you need at the same time the postage will cover all the items. I even have my dog on the animal version! Healthspan are the cheapest and I can highly recommend them.


jbp 1193936822

try glucosomine with chondroitin from previous mentioned healthspan. also green lipped muscle has worked miraculously at wet and cold times of the year, not just with myself but with my daughters dog too! just proves it's not all in the mind. i wish your husband well, i know how he must be suffering.



jenip-401754 1193936878

I would also recommend giving up red meat completely and have lots of chicken and turkey (preferably white meat) and fish. Also gluten in flour could aggrevate the arthritis as well. Read labels on food items as well to avoid E-numbers. Also avoid tomatoes, rhubarb, pineapple - all acidic fruit.

There is no need to suffer! As I mentioned before, I have never had any problems with pain after going on to glucosamine and when I worked I was a secretary, typing all day with no pain. I can do embroidery and patchwork as well, although I find knitting difficult because of the way I knit.

Please give the tablets a go, but you have to remember, your husband will have to take them for several months before the effect is noticed. I do hope it helps him as it has helped me. I cannot tell you how many people I have recommended them to who have all been delighted with the result.


stainforth 1193938805

oh dear me I have just been on the website you recomended, thank you but what exactly do i order? thank you so much for your help, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel

jbp 1193939967

hello, i recommend glucosomine WITH CHONDROITIN (works better than plain glucosomine). also green lipped muscle. i know this is more expensive, but i would really try it. it gave me amazing pain relief, and i could walk miles!



ttp_fr 1193943828

Glucosomine is available from a company in Brittany,

sunshinedays 1193961044


I earlier recommended vinegar and have found some information from Holland & Barratt.

Apparently "apple cider vinegar is proving most beneficial to people and animals with arthritis because it breaks down calcium deposits in the joints while remineralising the bones. It has proven to be equally beneficial to dogs with hip dysplasia".

It has other benefits too including antibacterial and anti-fungal and has been used, believe it or not, to test for cancer of the cervix due to the ability of turning cancer cells white when applied to the cervix.

My dad swore by it and had a tablespoon full in a glass of water three times a day.


bobren 1193989550

I endorse the cider vinegar theory. A tablespoonful with a little honey and hot water (not unpleasant to take). This remedy is described in a book "Curing Arthritis the drug - free way. Margaret Hills SRN. Available very cheap on Amazon.
Glucosomine also available from "Nature's Best" on line.

Thank you for looking.

jillybean-398740 1193990968

Good luck Stainforth.

We have been taking cider apple vinegar for our joints for about a month too and I think it's helping. But, like all these things they have to be taken for several months before knowing. A 75 year old cousin in England has recommended and swears by Glucosamine and Chondroitin, so you have spurred us on to get some.

We are finding cycling is helping too. Hope you find something that works too.

We have a laugh about getting older sometimes. It's not funny when you're in pain of course, but we never thought it would happen to us........The joys of gettin older, eh??

And how about those 70th birthday part invitations? Where did all that time go? You've gotta laugh. At least our 70 year old friends still party, so don't let it beat you.................wishing you lots of good health, happiness and good luck.


pimento-399033 1194000540

With products for arthritis,different ones work for different people,advise given here will help,glucosamine taken with chondroitin,or msm,cider vinegar works for some people not others,each item here has lots of benefits,too much to mention here,will advise more if you wish or go to your local health shop for full advise,glucosamine works for animals is very important,dieticians will give this advise a number of foods are known to aggrevate arthritis,some as previously mentioned,for rhuematoid arthritis,fish oils have been shown in research to be beneficial,good for the brain too ,and skin,look into these products thoroughly before taking them to make sure they suit you.we also always advise people to talk to their doctor too,in case any of these react with any medication you are taking if any.good luck ,hope you find some of all our advice helpful.

Halfpint-401040 1194001754

I can assure you there are more than 2 forms of arthritis! Anyway, Fish Oil(not Cod Liver Oil). Doctors I work with say you would have to take a whole bottle of Glucosamine a day for it to be effective.............but if it works for you.


retr-388344 1194003695


I am inspired by your posting and all the supportive replies from pople who want to help you...well most of them!!!!

It just helps sometimes to hear that there are ways to help improve your quality of life! I wish you every success with your endeavours to find what suits your husband and is beneficial to him. Keep trying!

Good luck

Laz 29

Tigerdog 1194004157

Not all doctors think Glucosamine a waste of time. My doctor prescribes it for me!


Halfpint-401040 1194006205

Should have said Pears(the fruit not the soap!) are good for arthritis as well.


sunshinedays 1194006919


If you log on to Healthspan's website they have leaflets that you can print off or read online and they explain all about their natural products, what they contain and what benefits they provide. When looking for good quality supplements it's important to look at the quantity of the active ingredient contained as some cheaper products have little active ingredients so taking them is a waste of time and money. You also need to take them for quite some time to get the full benefits as they need time to build up but some people give up after one or two months saying they don't work but it's only because they haven't given them enough time.

Also, Healthspan's products that are contained in capsule form are plant based not from animal like a lot of cheaper products are. So in the end it's a good investment to pay a little bit more to get the very best quality.

If you phone them and need advice they have specialist advisors to talk to so you know you are getting the correct advice.


stainforth 1194020620

Thank you so much for all your replies, e mails as well. We went to the doctor this morning but all we got was stronger pain killers, which i don t think is really the answer as all they do is upset his stomach.still searching for answers, I forgot to say he is diabetic as well.thank you again.

Halfpint-401040 1194030396

Stronger painkillers are not the answer - especially NSAIDs(non steroidal anti inflammatories eg Ibrufen). On Gaviscon for the rest of your life................and I would be asking my Doctor to refer me for xrays if not done in the last 10 years as at least you would know what you are living with. My partner went Docs today and was referred for xrays immediately and no painkillers which is exactly what happened with me 5 years ago. Much more helpful than pills.


Red-388933 1194030865

You can get anti imflams that are coated with something and do not dissolve until they are in the small intestine. These might be useful.

arcoat-392332 1194453425

through your doctor you can get chondroitin..repaid by the s├ęcu..its called STRUCTUM .. 15e something a box , why go on line when you never know for sure whats in the stuff and you have a product here that is guaranteed quality?


sunshinedays 1194456080

Healthspan is currently recommending rosehip for joints. As said before, their products are natural and any capsule is plant based and not from animal gelatin. Their products are guaranteed natural.

Conventional medication has many side effects but are actually derived from plants (now synthetically made). For example, Digoxin which is used for heart problems is derived from the Digitalis plant, commonly known as the Foxglove.

If you have tried conventional medication and it doesn't work or makes you feel worse then there is nothing wrong in trying herbal medicine. It needs time to work efficiently and it is no good taking something for one or two months and then discarding it for not working as it needs longer. But for some it can work faster.

Healthspan has a free magazine that is very informative and explains all about their products or you can read on line about all their products and the benefits of taking them.

I would just like to say that I do not work for them or know anybody that does.


stainforth 1194510003

Thank you once again for your your replies and e mails. I cannot believe how kind people are and how many people are suffering from a similar condition as my husband.

We are going to the doctor again this morning, it will a different one as our own doctor is on holiday, so he may have different ideas. I shall certainly ask him for STRUCTUM. I have also ordered some glucosamine tablets on line, and am taking note of all your advice. In the meantime the poor chap seems to be getting worse but we can see a light at the end of the tunnel! So Thank You all.

guerdeval-391740 1194515082

A glass of cider vinegar and honey in hot water first thing in the morning and green lipped mussel extract capsules.


Halfpint-401040 1194515473

Good luck and let us know the outcome - your husband is not alone with his problems.


rosa-383516 1194520347

I swear by glucosamine and fish oil also from Healthspan. Also drink a lot of water, hydrating the tendons helps. My arthritis has definitely improved since taking this, no pain in the hands now. I know it is not so effective for everyone but should be tried. I may also give chondroitin a try. Unfortunately drug companies don't make money out of glucosamine so all the advertising to doctors pushes new drugs and pain killers. As a retired pharmacist I am not easily persuaded by alternative treatments but this has been miraculous for me.


toadinthehole 1194528857

One suggestion for nearly any physical ailment is to contact an EFT master practitioner. This is useful for nearly any kind of pain, whether mental or physical. No drugs involved and you can be taught the EFT method to use at home yourself. I have seen this work on just about anything. There are multitudes of practitioners about. And often they can work with you remotely and over the telephone. It's definitely worth a try.

sunshinedays 1195494972

I hope your husband is feeling much better but I have just come across an article for easing arthritis. It says:-

"Blend two handfuls of cherries (stones out), two apples and half a beetroot. Add milk and ice for a more economical smoothie.

CHERRIES are loaded with beta carotene and carotinoids - cancer fighting properties. They also have high alkaline properties, so are good for tackling arthritis and gout.


titch-385431 1195655637

Can I also suggest Acupuncture? Mum, Dad and myself have all had acupuncture for arthritis with brilliant success. Have just finished a course here and can now sleep without the pain I have had for months previously,

Hope this helps

Mel 22

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