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Hi,Next spring we are expecting visitors who will have a baby with them...What do you guys do for baby/child car seats, travelcots etc etc. It isn't practical for them to bring a lot of "stuff"  with them and we don't have any storage space.Do you borrow from friends, buy on AI, what??

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problem 1445260107

Hi we have a high chair baby bath travel cot that a few people borrow off us so you are quite welcome to borrow we are in Rostrenen 

Dibbyspot 1445262093

Hight chair from IKEA, but there is also a small one available in UK to take out and use on tables etc if the establishment doesn't have their own high chair. As the child gets older there is a childs booster that is also a backpack  think it is made by Trunki - fantastic and saves hiring one from the car rental company once children are a certain age. 

sleighbells 1446156448

Thanks for your replies. "problem" I may get back to you in the spring .....

problem 1446157456

ok we also have a car seat 

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