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I like to use Milton (or equivalent) to wash down work surfaces, sinks, clean mugs etc but can't seem to find any in Brittany!  I have found sterilising units in the supermarkets but no fluid (seems bizarre!)  Perhaps those of you with tiny babies can fill me in? Thanks  Happy Francophile

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plomolin 1121815629

i did buy milton a couple of months ago 5 ltr bidons in croc, for 2.45€

Rivendell-385113 1121851762

Thanks for that.  Is Croc a shop - not heard of it?  If so, whereabouts is it?

Happy Francophile

Dude-389122 1122754891

I am sure that many would disagree with me but according to the New York Times, my doctor and my own personal experience, that of my sister and all my is not necessary to sterilize bottles. Especially if you have a dishwasher..the hotwater that you use to clean the bottles is enough.


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Sacha-385893 1122755170

Somehow I don't think their sink or work top will fit in a dishwasher!


nellie-387854 1122764041

i would have thought that diluted eau de javel would do the same job at a much cheaper price!

Rivendell-385113 1122799692

Ah, I have not heard of eau de javel but will look out for it.  Baby sterilising fluid is what I used to use in England, (not expensive, especially if using Wilkinson's own make) but if another product does just as well, then that's fine.  Thanks for your help.

Happy Francophile

Steve & Emma-387518 1122805649

Hi to correct the person thinking it is ok not to sterilse bottles just because they went through a dish washer. Yes the are washed well but no they aren't heated up enough to kill all bacteria. You should sterilse all bottles untill baby is 6 months at least, but the most important bit to sterilise is the teat as even washing with a bottle brush will not 100% remove all traces of milk and germs. Emma

Samantha-382568 1122806232

Rivendell, eau de javel is just bleach....and I don't think I would want to be using this on something my baby drinks out of, I'd be too worried about traces of it being left on the bottle.

Personally, I think a dishwasher is just fine, everyone in my extended family washed bottles in the dishwasher, and none of the children every got sick.  It all depends on what temperature your water heater is set at though.  And besides, not all germs are bad...sterilizing things 100% kills all germs (the good ones too that kids need to develop their intestinal flora to protect them later on). Why do you think kids were so much hardier years ago?  It's because they were exposed to so much more bacteria, and because everything wasn't so sterilized and germ-free.

nellie-387854 1122806768

the origional posting was for use of something for cleaning work surfaces!

obvoiusly not for use for sterilising bottles!!!

Rivendell-385113 1122807722

My original posting was regarding washing down work surfaces etc not for babies bottles!  Sterlising fluid is excellent as a household cleaner without the harshness of bleach.

Happy Francophile

Samantha-382568 1122807873

Sorry if I misread the postings!  What is the sterilizing fluid you use made of?

bobby-385828 1125100608

I am interested to hear you can buy Miltons in Brittany, I would use it to wipe down kitchen work surfaces etc.. does it not effect your fosse? sorry if I have asked a stupid question!


Odetta-385112 1125102682

Sorry to digress but surely the reason babies were hardier years ago was that a far lager proportion were breast fed.

Re the work tops - try white vinegar or consult something like (think thats right) for alternatives.


Odetta-385112 1125102740

Sorry that should be 'larger' :)

orme-384975 1125145180

surely the reason babies were hardier years ago was that a far lager proportion were breast fed.

Ah, but were they hardier?  Where does this idea come from?

A paediatrician once told me that one of the reasons there are more children with allergies now, apart from the increase in pollution, is that more children survive babyhood.  He said that in the Mahgreb (for example) the weaker children die very young, whereas in richer countries  they survive but often need more medical attention throughout their childhood.

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