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The British Volunteer Network held it's induction day today for volunteers to go out and visit the hospitalised and home bound Brits in need of company, friendship and contact with the outside world. I am just one of those volunteers and I wish to pu on the record the gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Lynn without who's hard work and total dedication to this very worthy charity today would not have happened. If you are interested in finding out more about the organisation and how you can help please contact or the organisation on we would welcome whatever assistance you could spare us. Thank you regards Ruth

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The link does not work? Have you typed in error?

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After searching google. The link is

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I would be interested to know what checks are carried out on volunteers that visit the elderly, the young, or the confused when in hospital.

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It says that you dont need any special training,but then it says training is given?????


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I too attended the induction day, even though it entailed a 2 hour drive there and the same to return home. It was lovely to meet so many friendly, caring people. My admiration for Lynn knows no bounds, she's like a human dynamo. From an idea kicked around just 3 short months ago, we now have a band of willing volunteers who, if the occasion arises, will step in to help you through the rough bits.

With love and bubbles, Pauline.

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I can only reiterate Paulines comments. Please be assured that a huge amount of work has been put in over the last three months to formulate guidelines, policies, and safeguards for both service users and volunteers. I find it amazing that a willingness to give time and assistance to others in times of crisis can evoke such negative responses. Please think positively and if you have time to spare come on board. Chris

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Bravo Pauline, good on you and shame on anyone not supporting a good cause like the BVN.

"friendship and contact with the outside world" given by non-payed volunteers, shows hope for the world yet !!!

Well done.

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