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Hi All,Just looking to hear anybody's personal (or those of friends) experiences from Callac, Pougonver and Lohuec primary schools. We live in La Chapelle-Neuve which does not have it's own school, so now have a choice. We are obviously going to visit the schools soon, our oldest son turns 3 in June and I would ideally like to start sending him to school in September for a couple of mornings a week to ensure he starts to hear the language more often and to start socialising, but I would be very interested to hear of anyone's personal experiences with those three schools in particular.Thanks in advance,Sophie

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NigB 1335816523

We lived in la chapelle neuve before moving to callac and our 4 boys all went to plougonver school the youngest being 2 at the time, its was good then, and they were picked up by the bus and brought home. they even brought home the youngest at dinner times when he just done mornings. we now live in callac and the primmary there is ok too.

NigB 1335825126

but the nursery in callac is in my mind a lot better, and the nursery is a separate place unlike plougonver where a 3 year old would be on the same playground as a 10 year old.
callac with there own age group only.

glamourpuss85 1335992887

Thanks for that. Do you know how many kids there were in the school, roughly, when your boys were there? How many teachers etc.? How they were received as British (I assume here) kids?! I just want to make the transition as easy as possible.

NigB 1336071943

there were 3 classes 1 being the nursery class and 3 teachers, and between 60 to 80 children.
but we moved them to callac were each year has its own class and the nursery is totally separate.
and a lot more activies. but try and get as much info as you can, then decide.

tanis22 1337884206


The school in Lohuec is linked with the one in Calanhel as a "RPI" (regroupement pédagogique intercommunal), so only the youngest ones are in Lohuec, the primary school is in Calanhel.
My four children were at school in Plougonver, the fact that all the children are sharing the same ground is not a problem as they are only about 35-40 in total and the ground is very large... I really enjoyed Plougonver, nice teachers, nice parents too.

tanis22 1337884322

and I forgot to tell you that the British kids have always been welcoming. On some years we had about 16 Brits at school, most of them are in Collège now.

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i read your post. We are in the process of moving to callac, should be there by november 2015. Can abou give me any advice on schooling for my 10year old.


NigB 1437594914

This was an old post still have 2 children in callac Schools and they are still good and have had some money spent on them bringing them up to date and a new headmaster who is really into what's going on in the school.

Dibbyspot 1437644504


As this is an old post  would be interested in your experience. We will be living in La Chapelle Neuve from mid October and have already reached out to the private primary school in the village which seems OK (56 children and 3 teachers). If anyone has any views on primary Schooling locally now we would be pleased to hear it. If you are in Chapelle Neuve still please reach out with private mail - always helps to know other local Brits.

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