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Hi I have recently moved to Berrien with my family and we are contemplating moving my elderly father out here to live so he is close to us. He is disabled and also has the onset of dementia. At present he receives care in the UK by way of carers coming to his house to aid with showering etc. What are my best options for similar types of care in France. Is it just private care which I pay for?  Many Thanks

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Hi, my father came to live with us in France and after 3 years he had a stoke and was bedridden for 2 years before he passed away last year - he couldn't have wanted better care. He had the nurses in 3 times a day to feed him, shower him and give him his medicines. We were very fortunate that one of our nurses was English, but the others all spoke English to him.  They were very kind and gentle with him.  Had he been on low income we could have had more help with the day to day stuff (cleaning etc).  He was given every bit of equipment needed, his room was like a hospital room with all his home comforts. He did have a carte Vitale and top up insurance but he was covered 100% anyway.

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Thank you

This is very reasurring to hear. What is the first steps I need to take to enable me to obtain some help for him?



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He  will need his Carte Vitale but that is straight forward if he is on a uk pension - Everything else was done by our doctor who wrote ordanances for everything(nurses, physio, equipment etc) so speak to your doctor. We certainly couldn't have coped without the wonderful support we had from the doctor and the nurses.

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Thank you

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