chalet resort in Brittany

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Someone in my family wants to know about places to stay with a young family in Brittany and I remember a place with a lake, chalets, assault courses, horses and bikes but can't remember the name of it!  Can anyone help me out please?    

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rance-781573 1436622707

Domaine des Ormes near Dol de Bretagne and Combourg ?

gingermuffin 1436625134

No not there but thanks for thr reply.

dabbityduck-384379 1436626165

...but des Ormes would deffo be a place to stay!

lamb chop 1436626467

lac de guerledan?


gingermuffin 1436632819

No, not there either.  So frustrating I can't remember the name!  

gingermuffin 1436633169

Found it, Tremelin.

Spangle-410047 1436633184

Tremelin ?

Spangle-410047 1436633385

We posted at the same time. Thought it sounded like it would be Tremelin. 

rance-781573 1436657306

I would suggest they take a serious look at Domaine des Ormes. Most caravan operators are present and there are might be deals offered, even in the high season. Read Trip Adviser on both places.

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