Child minding services near Lorient

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Hello all, My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding for this July 25th in Pont Scorff near Lorient. We've used the forums here and have been overwhelmed by the fantastic responses this community gives. Our wedding is a small family wedding, however our families have 15/16 young children under the age of 10 years old (most are actually younger than 5). We are hoping to find some child minders for the day and night of our wedding on July 25th, and potentially for a few days around that, to essentially act as an on-site creche. Does anyone know of child minders in the Pont-Scorff area who would be interested in this type of work? We would also like to find a magician or face painter for one of the days of our week long holiday to keep the kids entertained.   Looking forward to your replies.   Thanks in advance, Roisin and Brian  

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Thanks for your prompt reply. Have just sent you an email. 

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