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i remember as a child staying at my gran,s, her house was one of two with no electric,so used to go up to bed with a candle,the loo was at the bottom of the garden and she would cut up newspaper and thread string through for toilet paper(thought izal was bad) the radio had a big glass battery that i used to take to the shop and change for a charged up on,and a real treat was to go to the butchers with a pudding basin and get cooked pig trotters with mushy pea,s or faggots,she never had a lot,and the rug in front of the fire was made from old sacks with old coats and blanket cut in to strips and threaded thruogh,all of this was in the early sixties,but loved it

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sophie hunton 1437571937

The good old days no doubt.

luckyboy69 1437589628

Dont think you mentioned "good old days", Stevietee, just a reminiscence of days gone by, which is no bad thing. I cant say I had pigs trotters but I remember " peg rugs ", I think they were called. I"m 1945 vintage, so the memories would be expected to be dim, but I remember certain sights and smells as though it were yesterday. Graftons melting moments, banana sandwiches, freshly ground coffee from Davy"s < still a thing of curiosity in the 50"s when any coffee you had was probably Camp out of a bottle > and trams and trolleybuses. Sheffield United and Yorkshire CCC both able to play at Bramall Lane, and a couple of players turning out for the Millers with coal dust on their faces. Nothing wrong with reminiscing.

harbour1 1437590637

Memories are Memories

buster-784461 1437591487

My gran had a mangle in the garden that she used after boiling up the wash in a 'copper'.

And she made us  drinks from some lemon coloured/flavoured powder.

tigre-979768 1437592269

Yes, my gran had a mangle and a big tin couldren with a lid for the washing, the steam and the smell I can still remember. No inside loo, so we had a potty at night to pee in, goodness knows if my gran had tripped up going down the stairs with it how she would have cleaned the carpet, no fancy machines, or tubs of vanish in those days!! She also had a walk in pantry, oh the smell of home made cakes, it was lovely.

stevietee 1437593785

my gran had the copper outside and you lit a fire under it to boil the water,the big old mangle was a play thing,the old tin bath,but gran must have been a bit posh as she had a gas iron,and remember that one,theres no jam in the larder,but theres a pot under the bed,how do they manage these days. but the camp coffee,the cod liver oil and not forgetting the castor oil and syrup of figs to make you go regular

tigre-979768 1437595393

We used to go to the chemist and get a real stick of liquorice.

Son Of Fred 1437595878

Bit like parts of France nowadays

sprossie 1437596041

What about the old remedies like Fennings fever cure, scots emulsion and thermogene not forgetting the daily spoonful of codliver oil and malt. My gran had a guzunder with an eye painted on the bottom and a caption saying wash me well keep me clean and I wont tell what I have seen.

Fitter 1437597550

You were lucky. We lived for three months in a paper bag in a septic tank. We used to have to get up at six in the morning, clean the paper bag, eat a crust of stale bread, go to work down t' mill, fourteen hours a day, week-in week-out, for sixpence a week, and when we got home our Dad would thrash us to sleep wi' his belt.

Monty Python- The Four Yorkshiremen.

chris1-400976 1437597648

I remember my dad making me a rolls canardly out of a old pair of roller skates and a plank of wood. No breaks and a piece of string for steering.

astoria 1437600688

I used to love to sleep at my nana's. at a weekend. She always gave me one of the bedrooms in the loft.   It was a terrace house quite near the centre of a very large busy town. 

I would open the tiny loft roof window, and stick my head out!   I was almost on level with the huge Town hall clock on the Gothic style townhall. It would strike on the hour and on the half. Did not get much sleep!  I was awakened quite early by the sound of milk floats.

On the Saturday I would help her with the baking. It was amazing how she could quickly mix up eggs and make the most gorgeous  deep, egg custard and nutmeg tart, followed by a big tray of fadgies. (home made bread buns)

We would sometimes have 'ducs and mushy peas'  and gravy. The brownish duc was shaped like a small dumpling and was made up of bread crumbs and a variety of left over cooked haslet? and meats.

When all of  her twelve grandchildren, got together with her for a special occasion, she made a big glass bowl of 'traffic light jelly' it was layered red,orange,and green, topped with a pink milk jelly and dream topping!

I loved the mantle clock with the Westminster chimes, chiming four times an hour.

Most of all, was the way her and grandfather saved up every year ( with a social club,) to take us twelve grandchildren on a coach trip, to the Pantomime every Boxing Day.


I also helped her make clippy rugs (quite expensive to buy commercial copies of  these rugs nowadays) She always used the sleeves of old jumpers and cardigans, (they were easier to cut up, and  being off the sleeve, they were roughly all the same size. She loved to have red, green yellow or blue sleeves because they made the rug look pretty when it was finished. We made butterfly designes or flowers.

When I became a teenager, she bought me my first pair of 'Cuben Heeled' shoes for the school party.

Happy Memories!


aramanta 1437603752

Scots Emulsion!!!  I can still taste it in my mouth. Whatever was in it?

luckyboy69 1437608215

I forgot to mention sarsaparilla < dont know if thats correct spelling > but it was sold in shops that also sold cordials, licorice root, licorice stick etc. There were 3 or 4 such shops in my town during the 50"s and 60"s. And no sunday breakfast was complete without Frizzets, which I remember so well. It was a powder which mixed into a batter and then you spooned it into the pan and it made the most fantastic little savoury pancake to go with eggs and bacon. Tried to see if it was still made some years ago and found a recipe on the internet but didnt taste the same. 

Janouk 1437643857

I'm a 45''er too. My Dad always had ginger beer bubbling on the floor of the larder - I bought 2oz of aniseed balls or some flying saucer sweets, or sherbert dips on my way 2 school - loved the aroma of salty steaky bacon being cooked on top of the cabbage and Mum's inventions made with what she'd got to hand. (her version of cheese and potato pie was pastry base, mashed potato, grated cheese and a pastry top, delicious and great cut cold in the lunchbox next day!) The mangle story brought back memories of the steaming boiler in the outhouse, but also of when we first moved to France in 1996, as soaking the washing in cold water, rinsing it in more cold water and putting it through the mangle was our only method of doing the laundry, but that's another story.........!

lakeman-415065 1437646764

I used to have to wear hand me down clothes, not too bad you might think, except when I was the only boy with three sisters.

lakeman-415065 1437647016

I forgot to mention that my Dad could carve a lamb chop and the local newsagent sold calenders with thr 25th of December missing.

astoria 1437650779

My brothers and sisters and I, used to have our own individual round tins of Gibbs Toothpaste. I think  the tins were  all different colours, as we all seemed to know, which was each others tin.

The older people in the family swore by a similiar round tin, called Fiery Jack for their bad backs, they said it worked wonders!

Cheers Cas:

sprossie 1437651410

Beechams powders and fennings little lung healers. Liberty bodices with rubber buttons on them and wrapping the oven shelves in a towel to warm the bed. Great big jars of home made lemon curd and jars of picallili. We didn't do bad did we lol


stevietee 1437656938

what about the saturday club at the Odean cinema,what about carbolic soap and the big block of sunlight,wrights coal tar soap,but thankyou all for your memories and keep them coming,one thing ive never forgotten was once a year at school  all the boys were made to line up,go in a small room,drop your pants,the nurse would grab you by the b-lls and say cough, why did,nt she just look down your throat???and those frozen orange drinks in an odd shape carton called jubbly,s

Janouk 1437657011

Oh yes! The liberty bodice - I forgot that one! Friars Balsam, Andrews liver salts, and bread poltices all come to mind too and I think someone already mentioned Thermogene wool. Lining up in infant school for a spoonful of cod liver oil and malt (already mentioned I know) I loved it! Little bottles of orange juice and milk, milk bottles with cardboard lids, which we used to wind wool round to make bobbles for hats!

astoria 1437657273

Don't forget about being inspected by Nitty Nora the head Explorer!

You knew which poor girls had nits, they came back with elastic bands in their hair!



stevietee 1437662654

oh yes the nit nurse,afterwards lots of the kids came to school smelling of voseene medicated shampoo,i would sometimes be taken to the football match on a saturday afternoon and would get a mug of bovril ,then on the way home dad would stop at the sweet shop for a bag of old betty plants herbal cough sweets,a bag of parry garricks(black shell shaped sweets) and a bag of barley sugers,yet we never moaned as to use it was a welcomed treat unlike the kids of today that want it every day,and one you all missed crisps with the little blue salt packet,times i swallowed that without looking,as for the fennings,you had to sip it or it blew your head off.

Sarah 1437663461

We use to have the onion seller coming round, a lorry with fizzy drinks (Tizer?) & if you took the empty bottles back to the shop you could get some money for them.  Had school milk but not for long as it was stopped, something I hated & put me off milk for life as it was always warm.  Great topic :)

astoria 1437664109

Do you remember the red hot summers as a child? it was so hot, the tar would melt on the road edge and us kids would dig it with old lolly sticks! Some kids would eat it!!

We also played a game with an old tin can and 2 or3 lolly sticks placed on top. When we throw the ball and knocked the lolly sticks off we all ran around the nearest lamp post. I can't rememeber what the game was called, (it could have been chaseys round the lamp post!)

On the same theme can you remember the lamp man on his bycycle and a long wooden pole, lighting the street lamps at dusk?







Tone-388240 1437664115

Ahh yes, memories!

We were so poor, my mum brought our school clothes from The Army & Navy stores.

I still remember the day my brother was ridiculed by his class when he arrived at school dressed as a Japanese sniper!!  ;-] 

astoria 1437666917

I cannot imagine Tone, that many children or adults now, would know what a Japanes sniper looks like?

I do remember that racism was often a thing that many poor children  had to put up with in the 50s, and 60s, (even now), but this was really stemmed from the other childs innocence, and copying their parents.and not  a deliberate cruel act on their part, being of young age.

It is a different matter coming from an adult.

astoria 1437670379

We were often visited in our road by the ' Herring man',also one who sold Pikelets ( sort of thin crumpets) from a bycycle basket.  Both very popular.

We always had the Rag Bone man giving away goldfish for old clothes.

The drain cleaner man, who used to give children marbles that he had found straight from the dirty drain!

First thing on a Monday morning, the local bakery would sell Saturdays bread and cakes for a few pence. (before they opened up to sell Mondays)   The mothers with large families, would queue right around the block for them.

Regards Cas:

webb-441827 1437670417

We were so poor Daddy had to let 2 of the servants go...and worse of all Daddy had to drive the huge car himself...he was miffed because Mummy still had her chauffeur. We were made to eat rump steak and it was so tough compared with the fillet that we normally had. Water was scarce so we had to make do with a daily shower instead of a bath...also our swimming pool only had water in the shallow end. Those were the days.

Kernana-407546 1437672092

One abiding memory was suggling up under the covers during wet and windy weather together with my small red transistor radio and listening to Radio Caroline.....and praying I wouldn't get caught!

stevietee 1437675690

earlybird,the pikelets,her indoors always argue,s with me that there called crumpets, i cant stop laughing over the sniper,but the rag and bone man,and the bag of broken biscuits from wooly,s out of those tins with the glass lid,and when we were taken for our short back and sides,the barber would always cough and ask me dad if he needed anything for the weekend,it was the barber that needed something for his cough,the pop man was corona and in the midlands we had  beer at home means davenports,yes a lorry used to call to deliver beer,and the worst thing was when relatives came and there was fancy cakes put out,we had to wait till they picked theres,so we got the battenburg,and they got the cream horns and vanilla slices,but as one post said you took bottles back to the shop and got money back,all those blackjacks you could get or you could get twopence worth of sweets from a jar,

Janouk 1437676240

Icicles nearly 2ft long on the outside of the window, icy doilies on the inside and freezing cold lino underfoot! The shrimp and winkle man doing his rounds Sunday mornings and the postman stopping for a glass of sherry at Christmas (don't know how he rode his pushbike by the end of the day!) Having to run to the phone box when in need of a doctor, our first black and white TV. Walking nervously backwards up the stairs, quickly jumping on and then peering under my bed after watching Quatermass!! (Can't remember if that's how you spell it - long time ago!)

buster-784461 1437676381

A man used to come round with this cycle thingy selling lyonsmaid icescream.

& another man came on a friday with the winkels & whelks!

A the waggon wheels were as big a saucers!!!

stevietee 1437677153

weused to save the cards from the tea and put them in albums,and the post about radio caroline,what about the grand duchy of luxenburg,you favorite tune would come on and the signal would fade,your right about the wagon wheels and you saved the wrappers and sent them off for a free jigsaw ,and heres one for the boys ,airfix kits and meccano, the hours of pleasure you got from from them,

astoria 1437678132

Does any one remember the Chocolate sweets called Lucky Numbers. (With the song:- Lucky Numbers, chocolate and chew, you'lle be lucky,  I'm lucky,  your lucky too. Take a Lucky Number thats lucky for you.!)

I didn't like them!  They didn't stay in production long.

Now Rhubarb Rock and  Pontefract cakes have stood the test of time!

Cheers Cas:

stevietee 1437735504

hen you think about it,those long hot school summer holidays when you went out for the day on your bike with a bottle of home made ginger beer and some bread and dripping sarnies,today, a child gets on his bike and rides as far as mcdonalds just to get a happy meal,and those school dinners in the late fifties early sixties  for a bob and as mentioned earlyer school milk,for some underprivledged kids it was the only milk they ever had,they were the ones with cardboard in there shoe,s because of the holes in them,i always say to people i was glad to be born when i was,but i was always scared as a youngster that there would be another war as the chip shop was only a few doors away,but i hope this discussion has bought back happy memories to those that have posted and to those that have sat on the side line and just read them

Son Of Fred 1437762812

Any one remember the man who came round with his mobile knife and scissor sharpening cart?

Or the horse drawn milk float,... and going to the Co-Op and your mom quoteing her number for the dividend?I can still remember it....152955 how and why I do i dont know

tigre-979768 1437763290

I remember the green shield stamps.

stevietee 1437819869

to son of fred,14243 ,funny how i still rember my mums,and putting plastic counters out for the coop milkman,and that steralised milk in a bottle that you needed a bottle opener on it,there was a guy came round repairing the saucepans etc

johnmorgan-420501 1437823785

I lived in Chesterfield and our treat was to have dinner in Davys restaurent ,queuing on the stairs for a table to be available Then a quarter of thorntons toffee to take back home .Life was so simple then!

stroller-817057 1437824667

When I was at Primary school in the 60s, my junior school only had outside toilets which in Winter were a freezin' nightmare especially as we were only allowed to wear short trousers! Needless to say, when the toilets froze up it was lnot a very pleasant experience at all!

astoria 1437825283

It was quite common to see a  cut throat razor for my  grandfather to shave with, after sharpening it on a long piece of leather.

He also had chrome hair shears , all my young brothers lined up in the yard for short back and sides! ( may I say, very short back and sides! )  They looked smart, finished off by a peaked cap with a badge  on, and 3/4 long grey wooly socks.

Cheers Cas:





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