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Hi We are moving to Brittany Jan 3rd with our boys (10 and 4 yrs) We have been told that they have to have a "BCG" injection before they can start school. Can anybody expand on this for us please. Thankyou Many Thanks Nigel

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prodigal35 1196327735

Hi NIgel,

I am sure someone out there will disagree with me but... it very much depends on the area you live in, even the commune. Our school nurse made mention that our 4 year old (at the time) had not had the BCG vaccine at her examination in Moyen Section. However when I asked our GP he said that neither he nor any Dr in his cabinet gave the BCG anymore. That it was no longer necessary and that if contracted, TB can be more easily treated with anti-biotics than before so it was not nec.

Do not know about 10 year olds as mine are not that age yet but would iimagine I would get the same response from the GP.


geoffanddenise-394391 1196328092

Hi Husky

We live in Brittany and moved here 12 months ago with our then 9yr old. We where not told that she had to have any injections before she started school. But i also have been wondering when do they give it in france. In the uk it is usually when they go into high school.

Steve & Emma-387518 1196328986

So far my 3 have got away with not having it although it is recommended.

It maybe different when they move up a school and they do the routine boosters etc.

But when we left the UK they had changed the rules and the government had withdrawn both the equipment and vaccine for use by the school nurses so it was impossible for us to get done!

The new rules give the the jab at birth in at risk areas or social groups.


Living in Saint Gelven(dept22,near Mur De Bretagne) and loving it!

jilly-394675 1196329923

I heard this before we moved out here. My son who was 11 at the time had his BCG in the UK (he had to go to hospital to have it as our surgery could not do it) before we left. When I enrolled him in school here they asked for a list of all inoculations - which I provide - and commented that they were pleased to see he had the BCG as it was a requirement.

Also when I registered with the doctor she checked the same list and went through all the details, again mentioning the need for the BCG. Maybe every area is different (often the case in France).

sarah lou-403635 1196330751

the bcg is no longer necessary in France unless you are in a high risk area but you will need a confimation of all their other vaccinations. if you ask your doctor he we probably give you a print out. Photocopy it as we had to give a copy to both the school and the mairie. If fact photocopy everything before you leave the french like photocopies of everything.

the BCG was given here at 2-3 years preschool, my daughter started at 26 months. they no longer give the BCG in england either.

hope the move goes well sarah lou

geoffanddenise-394391 1196331470

Sorry but why does the mairie want a copy of your childs medical history!!!

The only person that would need a copy of that is your doctor, and the school is only interested in the red medical book from uk.

sarah lou-403635 1196332567

when you register your children for school mid term i:e you have missed the official date usually in june you have to go through the mairie. it is standard practice. they take all your childs details inc their vaccs, not their medical history.

sarah lou

geoffanddenise-394391 1196333945

my daughter started mid term and we did not have to go via mairie, we just went straight to the school on the monday and she started the next day. All we where asked for was the red medical book and the letter from uk school stating when she had left. It must differ from area to area then.

we must be in a more relaxed commune here, thank god!

vachefou 1196334876

Sarah lou, the official start date here and the UK is September, Schools here break up in June, and your commune is strict, as in communes I have come across you approach the school no matter what time of year it is.

We have been here a while and both my children had their BCG before école premaire (aged 6). I have notice one thing though, when my eldest went into Collège they were not as firm on vaccination as they use to be?

arcoat-392332 1196335840

if you go to "calendrier vaccinale" you will see that there is a nationwide calendar issued each year in france the bcg is no longer an obligation.(except in 1 or 2 high risk areas). dtp is.especially when your child enters any collectivity including school ,creche etc which is why the mairie and school can ask for a copy of your mandatory vaccinations(in the carnet de santé).NEVER give the carnet de santé..that is private and confidential as are medical , social services notesetcThey belong to you NOT to the state or doctor or social services... since 2000approx the law changed as regards access to these documents..


arcoat-392332 1196336223

vachefou..upuntil 6 years of age the PMI(county council services )are responsible for vaccinations etc...child protection) after that the ministry of education takes over(santé scolaire) these poor folks are as poor as mice ..a real scandal..because their travelling expenses are now simply stopped ..their visits to schools especially in the countryside have been cut as well


sarah lou-403635 1196339004

i know that the schools start in september , my children are both at school here but i stated registration is in June, and my children actually finished for the summer in july.

our community is very relaxed but it is common practise to go though the mairie to register mid term especially if like us you arrive during the holidays and the schools are closed.

it is also a very good way to meet everyone at the mairies office they were very helpful and gave us very good advice. they were also able to give us a list of what my son needed so he didn't feel too out of place the 1st day

sarah lou


gwenn-391886 1196342732

We registered direct with the schools mid term, but practice does vary.

Nigel, the BCG has not been compulsory since July this year hence there is some confusion about whether it is still required.

Good luck with your move :-)

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