children's shoe sizes

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Nikki Noel



Can anyone tell me what a child shoe size 11 is over here - I need to get my son some shoes asap! Thankls

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gerbil-384064 1086943617

If you take the child's foot to the shoe shop you will find a shoe that fits it and then know the answer! Much better for a growing foo than buying on spec.

Or you could do A google search and find a web site such as

Nikki Noel 1086945529

Beleive you me its much easier to get an idea with my son & then do a look around and bring them home to try !!

I am afraid that he would reduce the place to chaos in about 2 minutes

 I would love to take him to the shop & get him to try them on but for me its easier to do at home & them return them if they need changing  -he is a special needs little boy and the idea of shopping or sitting still for long enough is a no go -

Thanks for the info I really do appreciate it!

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My daughter is a size 12 and wears size 31 or 32, although they do vary from shop to shop

Hope this helps




Nikki Noel 1086952790

I jut checked the chart & it says size 11 is a 29 which should help  - I hope!

Thanks everyone fingers crossed I can now find some that size to fit!!

Its probably all winter shoes already!!

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