Chocolate Oranges needed!!

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HELP! Santas elf forgot to order 5 chocolate oranges and is worrying that it is too late to trust the post. Has anyone, Any idea of where I can get them here? Or is willing to part with them for an exorbitant sum ????? 

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sunshinedays 1450604806

You could try Amazon but it may arrive after Christmas. I bought Lindt chocolate with orange and they arrived in two days.

Tilia 1450607630

They  are for the stockings.......

suziepops 1450608621

Someone was asking last year about chocolate oranges.  Don't know if they managed to source any.  Do a search in the forum search box.

buddy1-879411 1450609920

Try the English shop in Gouarec. She has lots of goodies for Christmas. She is next open on Tuesday at 10am. Good luck 

buddy1-879411 1450610545

Janet is actually away in uk as we speak, purchasing more things for the shop. You could give her a ring and ask her to get you some maybe? Her phone no. is

07 80 07 03 68      email:

Trenant 1450612870

I am in England returning to France this Wednesday,  where are you can I get them to you, I return via Roscoff

all4one-10057182 1450616660

Not exactly the Terrys chocolate "orange" but most supermarmarkets sell Lindt and other makes of dark chocolate with orange bits in - an excellent substitute if you can't find the original oranges !

Tilia 1450633906

Thanks for all the helpful replies, i think cries of joy may well be heard on Christmas Morn, thanks to the AI Christmas fairies......

izzyandclive 1450635693

Kerbian Farm had some yesterday when we visited- they have a feature ad on AIwith contact details/drop off etc

enjoy your 'orange' xmas!

grannydot-403561 1450686278

At Kerbian they are 3.20€ and they still took a few back from bulat yesterday.

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