Cod liver oil

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Does anyone have any idea of where I can Buy cod liver oil capsules? Have looked in the supermarkets but to no avail. Cheers Michelemichele

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Suse-382083 1113396884


Have you tried health food shops? I found some fish oil at one in St Brieuc. Otherwise have good quality cod liver and other fish oils and supplements, and deliver to France a modest fee.


brian61 1113396892

If the Hyper's haven't got it your local chemist should have.
Try asking for "huile de foie meru". Please check spelling.


orme-384975 1113398285

Yes, it's 'huile de foie de moru'.

ttubhead-385335 1113400452

pharmacies are probably the best bet

michele-386552 1113501210

Cheers all. got some at the pharmacie,but they cost about £16 for 200, used to pay about £3.50 in U.k for 180, so a bit shocked!! cheers Michele


orme-384975 1113501796

I'm not surprised they're expensive, but rather surprised that they are so cheap on the other side of the Channel.  Cod has been over-fished and is becoming more and more rare, so cods' livers must be rare too.  Be prepared for price increases!

Lindi-382858 1113502109

We order ours on the net at - they are situated in Guernsey.


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