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I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow for the first time. My main reason for going is that I have chipped my front tooth. What is the procedure when you go to the dentist? I have a carte vitale and top up health. Do you pay when you are there - do you receive an invoice through the post? I have never been to the doctors either so any information would be a great help.

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Janet O'Brien 1195400418

You pay the day you go. You will get a form to send to your Caisse Maladie for the repayment unless the dentist has an electronic link, in which case payment is arranged without the need for any form filling.

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maurice dane 1195401531

We paid at the end of the treatment on a particular tooth and it was done electronically

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rouge-395600 1195407852

Thanks for your help guys - just one more question......

What costs am I looking at (roughly) for treatment? - as said before, I have chipped my front tooth a little.

Electrician-400405 1195408405

The dentist must/will give you a devis. For "cosmetic" treatment, you may need to get your insurers authorisation.

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