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Are direct cremations available in France and if so what is the procedure for arranging one. Please, only factual replies and no lectures on ethics, morals or religion. Thank you for anticipated replies.

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orme2 1452858501

What is a direct cremation (as opposed to a cremation)?


webb-441827 1452859055

A none where there is no second thoughts.

webb-441827 1452859149

Apologies.  A one where there ARE no second thoughts.

geegee42 1452859312

I take it you mean without any form of religious service, I think there is a crematorium at Caen who could advise you, but I think in France its not possible to do what you like with the ashes, I think they have to be spread in a designated place but I'm not 100% certain of this.

Karen-381938 1452861478

I'm afraid I don't know the details, but I attended a cremation a couple of years ago where there was no religious ceremony at all, so it is certainly possible.

I also seem to remember that there are rules regarding disposal or scattering of ashes; I think the family had to get special permission to take the ashes back to the UK as they didn't want them interred here.

Sorry this is vague, but at least you know it can be done.

tigre-979768 1452864873

I don't see why any funeral home can't arrange a direct cremation, basically nobody attends, nobody views the deceased before hand, no fancy coffin is required. May be the funeral directors don't advertise the fact that this service can be done as not alot of profit is made. Lover, just go and ask a director in your area and see what they offer.

A cremation is a funeral without ceremony. 

lover 1452869288

The idea of a direct cremation was first brought to my attention by the late David Bowie. As I understand his body was taken from his place of death directly to the crematorium and was cremated without any service, ceremony and without family or friends in attendance. This seems  the most attractive option in my view. There is no necessity for a funeral directors involvement as the body is transfered to the crematorium directly with no stay at a chapel of rest for the viewing of the corpse. There is no service, religious or otherwise and no further trauma for family and friends having to attend a loved ones funeral.

I know this isn't a happy topic but one we all will face at sometime and I would like to prepare for my death arrangements so my loved ones won't have to.

yorkinmadoc-799333 1452871149

Thanks for this topic, an interesting idea, we will investigate as neither my wife or myself require other than the basic collect and cremate service. I will go to our local funeral directors for a quote. Thank ouall.

tigre-979768 1452872001

Lover, someone will need to take you to the crematorium,  may be a notaire could answer your question as they deal with wills etc, or go and see the manager of a crematorium they should know or a hospital admin manager. How good is your french?

nessie-10064689 1452877887

I know of somebody here who had just that. No service, no one in attendance. So it is possible. Just need to speak to the funeral guys to arrange such a thing

lover 1452878103

Tigre, my French is not good enough to hold in depth conversation hence my posting on Anglo info. I was hoping someone had some experience of the process could have given me the information I want.

countrydweller 1452878494

Lover if you are hoping to talk to someone who has experienced the process then perhaps you should try a ouija board not AI; but perhaps on second thoughts....But seriously if your French is not good enough take a neighbour or friend with you There is no shame in wanting to get it right and frankly the undertaker may be relieved too if he is not an Anglophone

tigre-979768 1452884303

I get the impresion that Lover doesn't want to involve an undertaker, probably because of costs, that's why I suggested making an appointment with one of the people I mentioned in my last post, and as suggested by Countrydweller take someone with you who can speak french. You will have to make a will as to your last wishes and better in french than english in case the translation gets muddled. A bit of leg work for you I'm afraid Lover unless an A1 member comes up with all the answers you require. I think these direct cremations are a good idea, I'd rather donate to a good cause in my will than line an undertakers pockets!

moi-383589 1452886561


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