divorce in france

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Has anyone divorced in France?  How did it go?Thanks

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johnny marr 1497089392

Consensual or otherwise? We had the same advocate, I got stung on the pension alimentaire for the kids, judge made sure we both understood what we were signing and it was done.

mat bennett 1511099416

Hi got divorced 2015 at that time you could both have the same avocate but thing have change now, if there are no children invold it can be done through the notarial, you have to 1500€ for the avocate and 20% of the value of your property to the notarial, if it is at all possible I recommened you go to the uk for the divorced

Artemis-Sphincter 1511111446

Good grief!  Divorce is costly enough without a third party bleeding you dry as well as the ex. 

skydiver-437154 1511113296

OUCH !!..      yep,    divorce in the uk is more straight .    ....French lawyers bleed you dry . I KNOW !!     from a SURVIVOR.  .....GOOD LUCK.

pony1 1511115611

Since my posting I have found out that to divorce in the UK you have to be a resident there for at least 6 months.

ardlieinit 1511478407

Best ask Theresa May, she's trying at this moment in time, and it's being reported in all the media, lol

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