Does anyone know how many brit expats in Morhiban

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Does anyone out there have any idea how many brit ecpats living im the Morhiban area? 

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Missing Dog Valbonne 1441151706

0.05 percent. Maybe a little more.

chb1974 1441889199


I am a Britt expat in 56, I am looking for other britts with kids in the area.


vulcan-395582 1441892058

We have lived in the Lac de Guerledan area which is right on the border Morbihan / Cotes d'armor,  There are lots of Brits in this area.  If you look at AIKB website you can see what integration means.  They help with integration into France in no end of ways and I can honestly say often we would have found it extremely difficult to manage without them.  Take a look at their website and see what they offer in the way of courses, clubs, days out etc.

www. aikb .com

Dibbyspot 1441892656

I would say more than you would think, but the 0.5% seems not far off. Based on bing at recent village Fetes the Brits made up 2- 5% of those attending. That said you do not need to many Brits as English is more widely spoken than you might think particularly in Vannes.

Oldbury 1441894075

love Vannes

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