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My daughter is getting married next year. I am only going over a day before the wedding so no chance of shopping for an outfit in London. I don't want to pay a fortune as I will probably never wear the clothes again .... (no use for them in rural Brittany )..... but obviously want to do the bride proud and I was wondering if anyone had come across a Dress Hire shop in or around Area 22 or 56 for ladies clothes suitable for a wedding. I have looked at Pages Jaune.... but the only dress hire seems to be "Fancy Dress Hire" ... although it would be fun ... I don't think my daughter would find it a laugh !!  

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Spaniel-393975 1154613151

Haven't seen dress hire shops as such, but I have looked as I was recently in the same position with two UK weddings in September.  During my searches, I did come across a lovely shop in Saint Brieuc which did vetements suitable for the brides mother at weddings if you really get stuck and can't find a hire place.  I would have thought there would have been a place in Rennes though?

Maybe if you put your size and whether you were a smoker or not, you may get offers to loan you suitable garments for the day who knows?  Thanks to a friend, I am now sorted!


Roches 1154615394

In my dreams !!!  I am a size 22/24 !!  Mind you if I were buying trousers and  a jacket ... the trousers would only be a size 18.  It is the bosoms and the wide back that are the problem .. not to mention the tummy.

I have heard of the shop you mention in St. Brieuc .. a friend of mine mentioned it to me ....... but the whole point is still laying out something in the order of GB£100 for something that I will never wear again.

Maybe the lack of Dress Hire shops is a golden opportunity for an entrepreur to consider opening one .. afterall, lots of us have to go back for weddings etc ... and we don't need our really smart clothes for this wonderful rural life.

Or ... maybe folk who have these really smart outfits (and excess wedding dressings) .and don't need them anymore .... would make themselves known to someone who would like to start such a business ...... afterall you don't have to do it from a shop .. you could start the business from your house !

Any takers !!!

Roches 1154616125

Had a little clue from a shop I found on Pages Jaune who told me to contact a shop called JOUR DES FETES in VANNES.

Is there anyone who lives in Vannes or nearby who knows of this shop ... they are dress hire and would have things suitable for the mother of the bride ?????????

Roches 1154616372

Sorry to hog the posting .... but maybe there is a dressmaker out there who could make me an outfit?

Bourbriac Babe 1154641497

have you tried e-bay?  I bought a fbrand new with tags attached fantastic shift dress with matching long jacket and hat all for the price of £15.00 plus p&p.  I'd certainly do that again, also if you dry cleaned it, you could also put it back up for auction as worn only once.  bon chance

bourbriac babe

Nothing that a chat amongst friends and a glass of wine can't put right.

SALLY MOORE-381897 1154646279

I know it sounds daft but last time I went there were some really nice things in larger sizes in the Emmaus clothes shop in Pontivy.


Near Quintin 22
or St Goazec 29

bombay sapphire 1154646430

Would agreee with Bourbriac Babe , ebay is an excellent place to buy items of clothing , if you are certain of sizes ,measurements etc , mind you always go for BNWT ( brand new with tags )  And postage is usually very reasonable even from UK

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