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Can anyone recommend a lycee general in Brittany that has any understanding or sympathy in teaching dyslexic students please ?

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Melindah 1444768634

Hello there,

I was very interested in your post. I was a dyslexia specialist back in the UK and would be happy to help in any way I can. I was chatting to someone the other day who had some initial difficulties with their dyslexic child; however eventually tests were undertaken and help was given, so a happy ending in that sense.

Anyway good luck and if you feel I can help...please feel free to ask.


Kindest regards


Melinda x

cherylann morris 1444929509

My son is dyslexic and finished school last year.My experience is that although there is an awareness no help was given.

I really hope you find somewhere .


orme2 1444948467

Dyslexic children are allowed extra time in exams.  The child must be diagnosed dyslexic (or whatever other dys) by a orthophonist.  My son is dysorthographic and had to go to the GP to get a prescription for a test by an orthophonist, did the test, took the result back to the GP who then did a further prescription for treatment by the orthophonist.



vwkompak 1444990234

If you would like any advice over technology to help your son please mail me and/or look at our website at bdatech.org . Something like Penfriend XL works on French as well as other languages. Good luck.

Sarah 1444990562

I don't know where you are in Brittany but our daughter was diagnosed when she was 7 and the help she has received & still is has been amazing.  She is now studying in St Malo and has someone to help her as she did when at school in Dinan.  Really cannot fault them in our dept

Live&Love 1444992078

My friends chold is also dyslexic, she gets extra time on exams, also the print has to be of a certain size. She has to go see orthophonist who got the school organised. Occasionally you get an idiot if a teacher who doesn't see why they should make the print bigger for them. They were also given a computer and scanner that they have to take to school for lessons. It seems to be a battle with some teachers but in general they don't seem to of had a big problem getting the help needed.

Gleaner 1444992477

I don't know if you will be able to glean any info pertinent to you from this link, but it's worth a try.


blossoming 1445003643

Thank you for  all the responses and advise. My child was diagnosed at 7 here in France, has been assessed and registered but still has trouble with teachers who cannot be bothered to read the dossier the school was provided  with by the maison de handicappe and there is still a lot of ignorance of what the problems are. I am hoping to find a college or lycee  in Brittany that understands the disability and does not treat my child as lazy or stupid.


Its a struggle but we will get there in the end.

Sarah 1445007077

When our daughter was at school in Dinan we use to have meetings with the head master, head of year, form teacher & a couple of specialists who assessed her needs on a yearly basis just in case something extra was needed.  It was her form teacher who recommended the course she is currently doing at lycée la providence St Malo and helped us set up meetings with them.  So far so good although we have no idea what happens when she goes to university.  Good luck

orme2 1445015549

blossoming, we came across teachers who had read the dossier but just didn't remember.  I suppose in these lycées where there are often more than 1000 children, it is difficult to take everything on board, especially where there are so many different 'problems', from dylslexia to children's parents breaking up, which affect the children.

However, you are probably coming up to parent/teacher meetings and we made sure we saw each teacher to remind them of the situation.  It helped.  It was a private catholic lycée - they have a reputation for taking more care, but I don't know if that is always the case.


Yet Another 1446119801

My grandson is now 11.  He went to the local school at 3, and had lots of coughs and colds and at 6 it was discovered (finally) that he had glue ear deafness and diabolo were fitted.  He lost a lot of the basics of the phonems therefore.  However he was good at maths and a good lad in class.  The upshot is that he has an orthophonist who actually told my daughter (last year) he cannot be dyslexic as he is good at maths.  My daughter explained that his grandfather is good at maths but is dyslexic and is in fact dysorthographic.  The orthophonist has said that she cannot test him for dyslexia because French is not spoken at home and he does not have French television.  My daughter said but he spends more time in school than at home - he therefore fell behind in schooling, had to redouble and is loosing interest. We have changed his school - I would just like to know if anyone else had this thrown at them when asking for a dyslexia test.

blossoming 1446122541

I would recommend going to see your doctor and asking for a Bilan to test him for possible dyslexia dysorthography. The official french definition of dyslexia is an inability to read or write  however the medical profession are more open minded . The hospital at St Breuic were very good at testing my child and I was sent there  to have my child tested  after rquesting help from my medicin. By the way ear infections can be an indicator of dyslexia I am told but I have no idea why. Problems with maths is dyscalcula..

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