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Hi Does anyone know of a UK-based family who may be interested in hosting a French friend of mine and her nearly four-year-old son. Her name is Melanie and she is a 38-year-old teacher who lives in Binic in the Cotes d'Armor department. She is really keen to improve her english and for her son too. We meet up once a week for conversation (sometimes with her son too) but she feels that living with an English family and experiencing the culture would really help. Ideally she would like to stay for two weeks from around July 5 but would probably still be up for it if it could only be a week.  If there was a family who had a child of similar age to her son that would be brilliant as she thinks it might encourage his english - he already knows quite a few words. Of course, Melanie is happy to pay any family that could be found but is equally happy to do a reciprocal exchange. I cannot rate her highly enough - she is a great woman... enthusiastic, friendly, vivacious, kind and helpful and she has a good sense of humour too. I know she would easily fit in to any family environment and would probably end up becoming a good friend - as she has with me and my family. (Unfortunately I haven't been able to find someone to host her which is why I'm putting out this appeal.) Her son is also a lovely-natured, polite, friendly little boy. If you can forward this request to anyone in the UK whom you think may be interested I would be really grateful. Her email address is melanie.balzon@orange.fr Thanks for any help you can give. Kind regards, Rebecca  

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La Magdelaine 1432717461

Just an idea that worked  for a friend of mine...July is holiday time in both FR  & UK therefore family & kids time...she booked into a holiday village resort in Devon where all the activities are on hand & both she & the 2 kids learned so much that they did the same for 3 years running with 3 different holiday villages...of course the kids soak up up play words & ordering food, drink, visiting outside local amusements...North Devon has plenty to offer.

Iguana Rock 1432751383

What about contacting a school in an area she would be interested in visiting to see if any parent(s) would like to do it. 

LUPIN-433298 1432765086

Thanks La Magdelaine and Iguana Rock - they're both good ideas and I'll definitely pass them on to Melanie.

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