English reading group for babies at Mauron library

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Hi, I'm organising an English reading group for babies and toddlers at the library in Mauron (56), about 45 minutes west of Rennes. We'll have English-speaking volunteers read stories and converse with the parents/childminders and with the children, doing some nursery rimes etc... It's a way for French children to become accustomed to the English language, and for children of international parents to meet other English-speaking children. Every Wednesday at 10.30 AM (except the third Wednesday of the month), starting the first of March. It's called "Bébés Babel"!I'm a Dutch mum, fluent in English, I'll be there with my little girl (almost one year old), looking forward to meeting anybody interested!

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Just heard these sessions at Mauron Library are starting up again in October. I'm so glad as I really enjoyed them last time and met some great people.  

For now, because of other events in the library and so on, the reading sessions will be on the first Wednesday in the month only. We have a cuppa and get to speak in English the whole time, plus we meet people and can make new friends amongst the families and volunteers.  

There's a rota for us volunteers, so it's not like it's even a big commitment. And it is fun.

If you live in or within travelling distance of Mauron and want to volunteer, bring a child along or participate in any way, just contact the original poster direct or post a comment/question here.

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