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Can anyone tell me how much is family allowance for 1 child in France please.

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dozygirl-10045474 1445439764

You do not get child allowance for 1 child.

rance-781573 1445440149

In general dozygirl is right.

See Conditions for the regs on having one child


Reveuse-918439 1445444001

Family allowance starts with the second child, although there are certain one-off payments that you may be entitled to at various stages.

ingetje 1445444744

a first child currently gets 186 euros a month until the age of 3. It then stops unless you have another child, then you will normally get 186 euros a month per child but depends on your income I guess.


countrydweller 1445448289

And do they not count as half a part on your tax return?

56fr 1445459073

i get just under 300 euro, i m not working and its based on my salary (or lack of)  i use it to pay the nou nou / childminder, who has my girl 2.5 days a week. i only have 1 child.....and I m english....and at the time of application to the CAF I wasn t married to a french man... i also got about 800 euro when she was born.....

56fr 1445459244

sorry I get under 200 euro and an extra 100 on top, which i believe is a bit of child benefit and reimbursement for the nou nou i use...but it really all goes on child care, which is cheap as chips, in fact free....

cherylann morris 1445463138

I had one child and received nothing in child benefit.We did however receive the return to school money.We both work and was not in reciept of Caf monies so dont know if this makes a difference.

56fr 1445469723

child benefit is called the  Prestation d'Accueil du Jeune Enfant (Paje) - Base - , just fyi, and its 184,62 € for 1 child, then there is Complément de libre choix du mode de garde - Paje - which tops up the  PAJE - Base, giving you money/subsidising you to put your child in either a creche or with an assistant marternalle.... 

Apply at the CAF and see what happens, I did it all online....


ingetje 1445506595

yes thats what I get (the 185 a month) for my 18 month old until he is 3 years old.

How does the Complément de libre choix du mode de garde - Paje work? I thought it was something when you stay home (max 6 months?) to take care of your child instead of working. and its like 300 a month or so? 

My son goes to the crech and I only need to pay them whatever the CAF does not pay, so I dont get the money for the crech myself but the crech gets it from CAF and I pay the rest at then end of the month (0.70 cents an hour all in).

You also get a cheque de vacance ones a year to save on your holiday wirth the kids, I believe its  50% of the cost of your vacation with a mamimum of 900 euros. And then there are also benefits if your chold goes on camp etc, this is all CAF, so have a look at their website for info.


56fr 1445512984

to be honest, i have no idea what is going on with the nou nou, neither does the husband; we just fill in the papers...

But, if i can guess right, the nou nou gives me her hours, i then have to put it into some website, then i get the money from that from the CAF, so i get 2 different payments, the 189 which is what we all get, and then a sperate amount 100 or so,  which is i deduced is the money to pay for the nou nou (so its the same as you in a round about way),  i think it suppose to be called Complément de libre choix - assistant maternalle  on my statement,but i m not going to break the system to tell them its wrong... god forbid....  yeah i don t really work and the baby is nearly 2 and i still get that amount for the nou nou..... cursory hat tip to the french govt.

A good thing for all new arrivals is that its important to fill in an attestion encient in France, if you are pregnant, then from 5 months pregnant you ll get free medical care (the govt pays for it), and then you'll get that handy little money present from the govt. at birth.....

there is no guilt attached with all these benefits, the whole of France are at it..... you hit the jack pot when you sign a CDI.....

56fr 1445513352

those chaques de vacance are amazing, its a good the govt have these schemes to get you to go camping for cheaper, i just can t remember what its called, but my in laws use it... sister in law, its great to get low income families out and about...

also if you have teenagers 15 + you can get cheques de sport, to encourage participation in sport...a brilliant idea.... not forgetting the scheme "a tout sport", you buy vouchers from the mairie for partiticpation in sports camps during the holidays..... again amazing opportunities.... about that subsidises skiing trip offered by all husband is from a low inome family and he said he went on those when he was a kid, can you imagine that???i would have loved to have gone skiing as a kid....its wasn t quite on the menu for me in thatchers britain...haha



ingetje 1445516162

you also hit the jackpot when you are an auto entrepreneur :P

I got about 7500 euros for just giving birth and staying home 2 months after birth!

dont ask me why....its just the way it is!

seems like France is all about children, I only have one but if you have 2 you get again way more money!

Davey1200-433468 1445528504

The President is always looking for ways to save money.

Maybe he should look at all these benefits being paid out and SCRAP the lot of them.

tarmachead 1445532849

It's no wonder France ( and UK ) are in a financial mess - being paid to have children ! - it's no wonder thousands want come there - if you cannot afford to have kids don't have them - simple ! ( 2 should be the maximum for any allowance )

Reveuse-918439 1445535820

Yes tarmachead but it's the youngest generation of kids that will pay for the pensions of the next generation up. Your kids will pay your pension, you paid your parents' generation's pensions, they paid for their parents'. If the current generation has no kids, then when they get round to retiring there will be no pension money in their pot.

tigre-979768 1445543390

That may be so Reveuse, but there should be a limit on how much is dished out for some of these benefits.

rance-781573 1445543580

Yes quite right reveuse, every country needs children for their earning potentials later but I am not sure that the large amount of €7500 sits right. We have known many families with just the one child also with a poor salary and never heard of such a sum being paid out. Sorry I might be wrong of course but I get the feeling there is more to it for sure.

ingetje 1445547952

Rance, yes I did get that amount, not in one time but over several payments...the first 1300 when I was 7 months pregnant, then the other 1300 when baby was born, then the prime for birth itself (900 ish?) and then because I could not do my work I got paid the first 2 months after giving birth...I could even have had more by not working longer but decided not I receive 186 a month until he is 3 years old.

mind you I do actually pay thousands and thousands of euros each year on cotisations...I am AE, so surely if I pay I have a right to the benefits that are there.

tarmachead 1445548099

Why should a couple ( on low income ) who decide they can only afford to have ( or only want 1 child ) be penalised compared to a couple ( also on low income ) who decide to have 5 / 6 / 7 children ( knowing that the Government will reward them ?

geegee42 1445552539

It's to encourage people to have more children,but doesn't stop with family allowance,the state will support students from low income families when moving on to further education, students from low income families can complete a degree course and leave uni with no debt,this is another system open to abuse as a lot of students who have no right to benefits go to university purely for the bourse,fail and go into something else,what does amaze me is the french invest far more in the infrastructure, have sensible systems like the lotissement système which helps people buy their own home,a mortgage fixed for up to twenty years and carry far less debt than the UK.

wilbur-810159 1445552858

I wish you would stop saying Government pays, they don't the Govt has no money it's the taxpayers money.

The way I see this is, it's all about rights and responsibilities. Anyone has the right to have as many children as they want and have a responsibility to pay for their upkeep.

rance-781573 1445553589

ingetje.yours seems a strange case in the way you informed us. Not sure but do A.E actually offer the person more money for grosage? Isn't a lot of it now means tested? In your case you said you paid many thousands in, which with  A.E tends to means earning a fair amount. I am not sure that being an A.E was "why you hit the jackpot (your words) but your previous earnings related figures being low.

Either way I don't want to pry in to why or how you received so much but by paying 1st child up to 3 years I do believe is means tested. Anyway well done on having your first child.

geegee42 1445553927

I didn't mention government I said state,perhaps we should go back to the times when if you couldn't pay then you couldn't have and the average life span was thirty years,the good old days of the workhouse ,rickets typhus and all those other fun things,what goes around comes around,pensioners never pay enough into the system to cover their retirement and health care,we all know this ,so investing in the future taxpayers makes economical sense,I always like the "if you can't afford them you shouldn't have them bit" which in some cases is stated by people from poor backgrounds who are lucky their parents didn't think that way.

ingetje 1445554474

I dont know either Rance, not sure how much normal working get paid?

But since I work for myself as an AE and not being able to work while highly pregnant or just given birth its only fair that I get a salary ...I did not know I would get this much, I was surprised myself to be honest. In fact, as soon as I got pregnant and had send in the certificate to state I am pregnant I received a booklet from RSI with all info in it with all the amounts and when to fill it in and send out to receive that money? thats all I did...And I did not use the last 2 pages for even more of work money, I just wanted to get back to work :)

And yes, I do ok as an AE and I have been paying for 5 years now; so way more then what I got :)

I wish I could have a second child, not for the benefits but for the child!....but not possible :( so I am a victim of the system that you have to have 2 to get child allowance after the age of 3...not fair but thats life.

geegee42 1445555813

You get what you get because you pay for it in the extortionate cotisations you pay,I was a micro then changed to an AE,I paid my cotisations when you paid whether you earnt or not,I became ill ,RSI paid me sickness benefit and when they decided I was unable to continue working they paid me a pension, I moaned and groaned about what I was paying but now I'm glad I did,I forgot to mention you also get pension credits while you are home looking after baby,we brought up five,three went to uni ,one did a BTS and the other works with small children,four of them work and pay tax and one is continuing at uni doing a masters,she will also pay tax,

rance-781573 1445559828

Well done to three of your kids going to Uni, if they went the distance, even more well done, they beat many that don't even pass 4-6months, or even during first term departure.

A.E extortionate cotisations? I always thought A.E was originally brought in as an extra to ones normal job, thus the charges were lower. And also to try and offset the travail au noir. Have they now made the charges higher, as in normal self employed percentage charges?

geegee42 1445565467

No the charges are exactly the same as when I was a micro,only difference was pay as you earn rather than pay earn or not,AE was mrs lagardes pigeon, the plan was to get as many as possible to convert from micro to AE,the inducement was pay as you earn and the charge would include all taxes which it didn't, also you would be exemt from taxes to cover chambre de métier for a few years which you also were'nt ,charges would include pension contributions ,which they didn't until you income passed a certain level,it seems best way to do it is get a young wife who becomes an AE then get her pregnant on a regular basis.

orme2 1445594465

Just a note on the Bourse for students - if a student has a Bourse, they have to actually go to uni, with a good excuse if they miss a lecture, and do the work or risk losing the Bourse.  Every year they have to make a new application with details of how well they did the previous year.  It's not a free ride for the lazy, it's a way of trying to make sure that all young people have an opportunity to go to university.  It's never the child's fault if the parents have low incomes.


56fr 1445605746

I m not shy telling people having the government or the tax payers pay for my childcare is awesome,  and getting a little something post birth is very nice...and if i m honest i couldn t give too hoots bout other peoples choices, life is full of choices and if you didn t make the same ones as me and ended up looking at my life with anger, thats your problem...., I m all up for a free lunch....and if anyone else can get it cool..... the alternative in the UK is misery and about 1000 a month.... here life is great....

fruitrouge2 1445606077 am speechless.

56fr 1445606690

i wouldn t be speechless, its great,  i m not a troll, i m genuine, i' ll take what is available, and there is alot available for families in France.....

geegee42 1445607414

This discussion has certainly moved on a bit from the family allowance question,but the whether or whether not bit about what people should and shouldn't get relates to an awfull lot more than just family allowance, a lot of people seem to assume that one claims benefits puts it in a big tin and gets buried with it,it all goes back through the system ,ends up in someone else's pocket and quite a big percentage ends up back in the treasury, I think you can easily assume that around 50% of your total life's income will go off in tax somewhere or other,I know some people see some others as a drain on society but its only a small percentage of the population and doesn't really have much overall effect on anything.

fruitrouge2 1445770215

@56fr....I am not speechless at what one can milk from the system here (there are people worldwide who milk whichever system they're in) I'm speechless because it seems you lack morals and ethics and are proud of that fact. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

geegee42 1445777660

I don't understand the milking the system bit?,a benefits system is available to all who qualify and claiming a benefit that's available is not milking the system,milking the system is using the benefits system as your main income while making no effort to find work,this is not the fault of the claimant but the system itself, people who milk the system as a percentage are quite small,but some times all you see on TV or in the papers are families with loads of kids living on benefits,which gives people à false impression.

fruitrouge2 1445780651

@geegee42....Milking the system means to me claiming things that you do not need or falsifying a claim. In one posters first post they claim to be not working yet then goes on to say they pay a childminder which is basically paid for by the state....why would you need a childminder if you don't work??????.....And you also say '',milking the system is using the benefits system as your main income while making no effort to find work,this is not the fault of the claimant but the system itself''....that's as may be, however it's not the systems fault that many who do claim have no ethics or morals (and probably neither did their parents which is why we have this 'I'm entitled to' generation) and generally think that the world owes them something and they're damn well entitled to it.

geegee42 1445782549

If you create a system that can be abused it will indeed be abused,whether by unscrupulous poor as in benefits or unscrupulous rich as in tax avoidance, if a person pays into a system and is entitled to some form of benefit as in family allowance/childcare allowance ,whether they need it or not is not relevant as there has to be some cut off point..Many things that people do are moraly wrong and its not just limited to benefits,fifty percent get out more than they put in to the system and that includes an awfull lot of pensioners.

56fr 1445861241

I love it i think i ousted a mumsnet subscriber..i have a childminder because ...oh yes none of your business....  if people hate the system remove ypurself from it... but as we live in  democracy don't knock those who are part of it.... the system has been very favourable to everyone. ... no matter which country  uk or france that you take from or have taken from.....

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