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I have a 10 year old child, and will be moving to France shortly, could anyone tell me if you get family allowance for this one child in France , like you do in England, if so how much is it, and who do you contact to receive it, many thanksfor your help.

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dozygirl-10045474 1445623377

You have already asked this question a couple of days ago.  As your child is 10 years old it appears you will get nothing.  If any benefit is payable it appears only for a child up to 3 years old (and born in France). I suggest you read the replies to your previous thread.

margaret scott 1445624086

I did read the replies to my other add, but did not actually get an answer that i required, just a lot of   bickering, thank you very much.

ingetje 1445630415

It has been said several times that for 1 child you get nothing after the age of 3!


Kanak 1445630790

Hi margaret,  I think (most of) the repies to your thread were posted in good faith.  It's just that some beneficiaries have used different 'jargon' because things have changed recently.  So the Paje is for the birth in France, and expenses of a child under three here, according to your contributions record here.  As dozygirl, and others like rance and reveuse posted previously, family allowance that is paid regularly is for the second child and onwards... so you seem not to be eligible with a 10 year old in U.K..   All the other stuff is based on the advantages or not of having had different employment régimes which qualify them for different benefits, not necessarily 'family allowance' as paid in U.K.

tigre-979768 1445632627

Margaret, it's obvious you are not entitled to this benefit under french rules, so have you asked the UK deptartment that deals with this if you are entitled to transport this benefit that you probably receive already if you move to France?

eastbois 1445636335

Try famille de 2 enfants et plus; allocations familiales, it states in the first paragraph 2 or more children to qualify.

or www.caf.sites/.../guide-presentations-2014-op... its a pdf vos presentations

the 2eme gives you the plafonds/levels as some allocations are means tested ex. resources for 2013 would be used for allocations in 2015, bonne chance;-)

tigre-979768 1445636888

Eastbois, surely this is information for residents in France that have contributed to the system in 2013? Margaret has not even moved to France yet.

brian2bin 1445673867

I think this is a case of ask again and see if i get the answer I want which is clearly to get child allowance.Unlike UK this is not a benefit led country and before you get anything you must pay into the system. Why do you think that migrants do not want to stop in France ? because they get nothing! As an incommer you must be able to support yourself for at least 5 years without turning to the state for help so if your plan is to move here and get benefits you are in deep trouble. You have now clearly been told you will get NO child benefit, accept it no matter how often you ask the answer is the same sadly . I would think very carefully and do loads of research as you will have to pay for school expenses as well.

Reveuse-918439 1445677277

A bit harsh, b2b - the lady is probably just trying to plan her finances, as we all do, and these things make a difference.

Anyway I'm she knows the answers now - the first answer is No, so the rest of the questions don't apply.

eastbois 1445707777

This is the reason tigre that I don't generally get involved in these type of discussions, no the information was given to the original op to give a insight to the function of the Caisse des Allocations Familiales, If the op moves here and her child is schooled here she will be a resident and the administration here is complicated, so research beforehand is essiential,  

tigre-979768 1445708830

I understand eastbois. The only reason I questioned your post was because of the last paragraph which states resourses from 2013 would be used to calculate some benefits for 2015. It implies you may have had to be resident and a registered tax payer in France that year to make a claim for this year.

dozygirl-10045474 1445709129

At the end of the day the poster will not be eligible for child benefit in France.  End of.

eastbois 1445709686

Tigre it had ex. in front of it was an example, eg. in english it shows I have been here too long as I had written ex. for exemple, resources for UK would sometimes be used for calculating child allocations for new comers, if two children or more.

tigre-979768 1445710250

UK was not mentioned in your post, just example of resoures for a paticular year, as I would not have wriiten my post as I did.

56fr 1445712166

My sister in law gets money from the caf she has a 13 yr old and 8 yr old; as do my expat friends who have kids over the age of 3.  As we are EU citizen we are equal to that of a french person therefore you are entitled to everything a french person is; the beauty of the EU;... there fore when you get here apply at the CAF for everything. Its available and we are entitled to it; don't think for a second French people won't do the same they are all at it. 

fruitrouge2 1445769717

This is how the system works in France:

ONE Child = Up to and not including the childs Third birthday you will receive an allowance, after that you will receive NOTHING.

TWO OR MORE Children = You are entitled to receive after the birth of your second or subsequent children family allowance for ALL children.

In fact there is help available for all sorts of things depending on your income and of course how many children you have. And much of this help is available until most children are around 19yrs of age.

dozygirl-10045474 1445797622

I trust, margaret scott, you now have your answer.

Carolyn22000 1445800561

Has always seemed strange and wrong that a couple with just one child should receive so little compared to those who have two, three or four - it's often the first child that costs the most, too!

tigre-979768 1445804138

Carolyn, this is the french governments way of encouraging couples to have more children to ensure the future of  France so to speak. I mut say though I do think the allowances for this benefit are far too generous!

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