French customs for new born babies

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John E



Hello all Our French neighbour is having a baby soon, we would like to adhere to any French customs regarding this event i.e. Gifts etc. Any info gratefully received. Thanks & regards Johnee

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bretonne 1432295793

When our neighbours recently had a baby we just put a "welcome to the baby" card in their letterbox.  A short time later we were invited for an apero and we took a small gift for the baby.  They were delighted with the gift and said that they were so happy to have received the card. 

I don't know of any particular customs - just a friendly gesture is fine.

english eccentric 1432301735

The parents will normally send out what is called a "faire-part" which is basically just the same as a birth-announcement card in Uk. You have done exactly the right thing and delighted your neighbours by popping round with a gift.

Dave Evans-439024 1432310658

When our grandson was born a friend gave him a Sophie the Giraffe toy. Apparently, talking to other French friends, it is the done thing! So when our neighbours children had children we did the same and they were very welcome. Bought in Leclercs.


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