French qualifications...what is their equivalent to in the uk

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Does anyone know 100% what the following french qualifications are equivalent to in the uk and has anyone used a professional body on the internet to get international qualifications assessed?     Brevet.....14.4.....assez bien CAP ......15.2 ....admis Brevet Professionnel ........12.43.....admis Many thanks    

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AFAIK here is no exact equivalent. The best thing to do is to give the French names so that whoever you are applying to can do their own research if they want, or they may already know, but add a brief explaination. If it's an important application you coud include grade transcripts translated into English so they can see exactly what your studies consisted of.

I would say something like

Brevet (Secondary school leaving certificate - grade C)

CAP (Professional qualification, NVQ equivalent) 

Brevet professionnel (Higher professional qualification)

Harry Dresden 1450177909

You could just do the numbers:-

14.4 average = 72%

15.2 average = 76%

12.43 average = 62%

A school brevet is equal to GCSE, CAP would be equal to a BTECH qualification & a Brevet professionnel an NVQ

winda1 1450179592

Thanks harry for your input, but unfortunately my daughter is having trouble with job and teacher training applications as they are not totally

sure of her qualifications and what the scoring really means in relation to the uk exams.  I have trawled through the internet and some say a brevet is worth 5 gcses at 'c', another says 14pts and above is equivalent to 4 gcses  at grade c, but when she went to apply  for a teacher training course, they said in their eyes a brevet was worth 4 gcses of 'd' and under and that she woud have to do a further 3 gcses in science, maths and english!   I guess i can understand the need for her to do the english as this is definitly not covered intensly enough in the curriculum, but feel that its a bit harsh to demand a science and maths retake when these subjects are most definitly covered thoroughly. So you can see their is differing of opinions out there.  They hadnt heard of the Brevet Professionnel, 

 but agreed the CAP was equivalent to an NVQ but didnt know which one, a 1 or a 2, which can obviously make a difference when handing in your cv!


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Honestly I would offer to send them the transcripts that list the modules your daughter studied and give the marks she got in each one.

Most college admissions departments will have come across Brevets and CAPs before and will have established their own equivalences so I don't think there is any point arguing the toss in general terms, BUT if she can show she got good grades in the important subjects, eg you mention maths (if she did), hopefully they will take this into account and make an exception.

There's no set in stone answer, comparing French and UK qualifications is like comparing chalk and cheese, so the best thing to do IMHO is focus on the subjects they're interested in and demonstrate how many hours' study she did and what results she got in those. 

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Hi Winda

we have been through this scenario previously with my daughter, we provided her exam results to a 6th form college in UK, and they understood all the categories and marks, and moved heaven and earth to make the transition from French school to UK 6th form as easy as possible. I would assume that any school/college/uni would act the same, especially as the international bac is being offered in more and more UK establishments.

There is an EU wide set of orgs (NARIC) that are set up to provide equivalence of exams between member states. For UK it's

For France it's

You should be able to find what you need.

Hope this helps


winda1 1450188279

Naric was the company i was thinking of using, but wasnt sure if what i would receive back would be worth the cost of registering with them. Has anyone used this service before?  Do they give you a thorough qualification spec back?

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