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Hello, That time of year again .. the grand-children are coming to stay .. As the weather is going to be a bit on the "cool" side next week, has anyone got any ideas for a day out from Josselin .. not the beach .. I know them ..or the Tropical Park at Redon .. The girlsa are 10, 8, and 5 .. If any one can recommend anything that would interest them within travelling distance from Ploermel / Josselin, I would be grateful .. Thanks Rgds Chris

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rosieholt 1437400110

Bonjour de l'Angleterre, Just a few ideas for you to look up .....

Zoo at Pont Scorff

Musee du Poete Ferrailleur (mechanical puppets) Lizio 56460

Le Petit Delire (fun park) Kergo Ploemel

Enjoy them whilst they're over !!

woody-383477 1437402528

Isle de Machines just outside of Nantes.    Amongst other mechanical animals/rides, they have a 10m tall mechanical elephant who gives rides on his back and sprays water from his trunk

Dibbyspot 1437403343

Or Kingoland - just near locmine/Plumelin - it is not too far.

itinerant child-414831 1437403536

Hi Chris,I do not know if it is too far for you,but a good educational and fun day out could be had up near Baud.

Poul fetan is an ancient village just outside the village of quistinic and has demostrations on old things such as butter making and the likes and also has a few animals to pet and an old breton games area with all the old wooden games that they used to play.Interesting for kids and adults both.

After there you could take them to the parc adventure at l'etang in camors where they could get some good excercise up in the tree's with all the correct safety equipment and adult professional supervision whilst you enjoy a cuppa or a beer at the little on site bar. Take a bit of bread for the ducks too!!

Another option in that area would be to hire canoe's with supervision and tutor from the club kayak at pont augun which is inbetween baud and quistinic.

I hope that you all have a lovely time together.

Love and light

Jamie xx

blotto 1437417405

Perfect timing for the question, our 4 yo granddaughter is coming out next week. 

The Zoo at Port Scorff is a tad expensive at almost 20 euros a head, and a few others mentioned are for slightly older children.  Le Petit Delire looks great, we will seriously consider that. Also, there is an Insectarium at Lizio that looks like it might get a visit at some point. Otherwise, when we're not playing in the garden, nice picnics and playgrounds will be the order of the day I think.

phlophf-409902 1437419783

jarins de brocieliande - a garden with a difference -  totally geared for kids - took our 10 year old granddaughter and our 3 year old - plenty of interest for all ages including adults. Not too near but well worth he trip - go on a nice day.

bretonlion 1437483341


Thanks for the outings given ..

Please keep them coming ..  the more places the better ..



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