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Does anybody know if there is any Hospice type care for people that are in the late stages of cancer, or what support care there is for them and people around them.Thank you in advance for any advice given.

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i would see your doctor about'centre des soins palliatives" ..and perhaps a referal to the pain clinic...at the hospital'centre de prevention de la douleur"..from then on things follow on for family etc..it really depends where you live as to what has been put in place.. cancer and pain treatment being national government priorities, you should have no problem..


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Don't know where you live but Malestroit in 56 has a brilliant "soins palliative" in the clinique that I think is called St Augustines, there's only one clinique (in other words hospital)

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HI BISCUIT..not sure where you are based but i know of someone who received palliative care in the hospital in Guemene sur scorff. Hope you manage to sort something out.

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Many Thanks to those who have replied.

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