How can I become a Midwife in France

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Does anyone know how I can start Midwifery training please? I am 34 years old and now ready to start training for a Career. Do I need to do basic Nursing first? Where do I start? If anyone has any advice, please post onto here. I would prefer only positive advice please. No horror stories please. Thanks, Goldy.

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Stromper 1263652907

The first thing is -

are you fluent in French?

Leyla du 22 1263666246

If I am not wrong, you will need to study medecine for at least one year, and then there are 3 or 4 years training, specialising to become sage femme. but speaking french seems an obvious necesity!

thud 1263666564

A sage femme? But he did not say he was a woman. I guess men can train too in which case they would be mid-husbands?

LRE-394717 1263670810

thud - apparently a man midwife is un maieuticien

goldy-405273 1263682115

Thank you for all the responses so far. I should have said that I am a woman and so it is Sage Femme and I am just about to start a more intensive course on French to become fluent. I will be completing this before starting, but then it looks as though the next stage may be to study medicine.

If there are any other helpful tips, please pass them on. I am now off to have a look at that website suggested. Thanks me-me!


Blackbacarra 1264807530

Hi Goldy,

I am a trained nurse and midwife. I am not currently working, but obviously live in France. My French is not particularly good but i'm working on it with a view to practicing at some point......hopefully soonish!!!

In the Uk they changed the way in which you trained to become a midwife. You used to have to train as a nurse before and then you did a top up course to become a midwife. It is seen as an independant proffession or a word that is preferred is art!!

Anyway I would suggest the best way to find out how to go about learning is to visit your local maternity unit, most large hospitals teach and they would be able to guide you in the right direction.

Hope this is of some value to you,


katiemarie-956405 1398172591

Hi im a single mum to 2 and lived in france for 11 years and would like to be a midwife how do i find information about it

brian61-782152 1398177315

As has been written you must start your training by passing the 1st general year at a medical school (doctors, dentists, chemists & midwives all mixed). There are restricted numbers of candidates who are allowed into the 2nd year (1st year of their specific training). That is followed by 4 years of study & work for mid-wives. The last 2 years of which you receive around 100€ per month pay.

To get into the medical school you will require the BAC exam which guarantees a place at the FAC. Expect there to be around 1000 students in the 1st year of which the around top 160 go through. Those not selected to carry on may repeat their 1st year. The FAC at Nantes allows around the top 27 mid-wife students (1% of candidats) to go on.

If you don't have a BAC exam then you are allowed to sit for the DAEU which will also allow acces to the FAC.

So to cut it short : get either a BAC or DAEU diploma. Go to the medical University and obtain the top 1% of marks. Go to the midwife school for 4 years during which time expect expect to do work placement not necessarily close to home. Write a dissertation. Collect your diploma.

I personally think that this type of study is far too intensive/difficult  for anyone that has already left the school/learning system.

Sorry if this looks negative, but I hope that it helps.

abney 1398184396

I'm not the OP but would like to thank brian61 for his post: very usful info.

cagirl507 1437581989

Hi Goldy,

How has your research been coming along. I too am interested in becoming a Sage Femme. I am from California origionally, but now married to a Belgian and living in France. Could you summarize what you found for me. It would be nice to have a conversation with you so we can exchange information.

All the best,


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