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hi I have someone who will be taking warfarin, coming to visit for a few weeks from Jersey, which is not part of the EU. Does anyone know how to go about having regular bloods taken to monitor their  INR levels.  or how much it would cost to arrange it privately.   thanks for reading 

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Where are you based?

I take my mum to Loudeac Medical Centre.There's a separate building in the grounds for blood tests. I explained-first time we went-to the receptionist that we needed a blood test for anticoagulant level. They took her details and printed out her form. We made an immediate appointment for that afternoon-they were closing for lunch-and we returned.

Into the room and blood taken. Back out and paid about 16 euros. We were given a 'phone number and told to ring after 18.30-there's a ref. number on the receipt. I rang and gave her name and ref. number and was given the results orally.(If the test is done in the morning-you ring early afternoon for results. We've done it many times now.

We logged my Brittany address for contact and once they even posted the result after we'd had it over the 'phone.

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Either phone your local laboratoire, make a rdv for the INR and then phone at 5pm and ask for the result. You will pay but it is not expensive.   OR phone your local infirmier and she'll come to the house and take the blood sample and you will pay her. Then you can make further appts and the same procedure.

I often did this for friends staying with us.

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Thank you for your speedy replies... 

We are between Quintin and Corlay.  I think the Loudeac option sounds good, it is approx 30 min away from where we are.



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