Irish/French couple with toddlers moving to Vannes

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Hello all, Well the title says it all really. We’re an Irish (me) French (him) couple with two children; a girl of 3 and a boy of 2 and we are moving to Vannes this week. I’m surrounded by boxes and general chaos as I write :-)  We have been living in the South-West for the past 6 years and are thrilled to finally be moving to Brittany. For the moment, we have rented a house not far from the Clinique Océane in the north of Vannes, and from there we hope to get a feel for the place and decide where to buy. Anyhow, the point of this post is to say hello and to ask for advice from people in the area on how best to meet people in Vannes as we know no-one in the area. I’ll be heading to a local playgroup pretty much immediately, so for the kids we should manage ok, but if there are any friendly souls out there who would like to meet up, or point us in the right direction for meeting people, we’re open to hearing your thoughts!

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