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My daughter has just started Seconde Générale.  She is thinking about what to do next year.  She does not want to do a Bac S or L or any others i.e. STMG or ST2S etc which leaves ES.  She has chosen this year SES and she is unsure if she wants to continue.  It may be down to her teacher who just gives her sheets of questions which she has to answer.  There are no discussions.  Is there anyone who is currently doing a Bac ES who can give her some information on what she is likely to do next year. Thanks

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Bolt123 1446720019

My son wanted to do L, however his teacher advised STMG.  He took her advice, was not sure for the first few months, but in the end she was correct.

Maybe it depends on what she would like to do in the future, plus you can also ask for a meeting to get some info on what to expect.

pony1 1446721810

This is her problem - she does not know what she wants to do!

camion 1446722502

It would be best for her and you to make an appointment with the Conseillere d'Orientation Psychologue or her prof. principle to discuss this, has she done her questionaire yet?


Harry Dresden 1446722635

Generally, if you are OK with maths and want a course that covers most subjects then ES is the way to go. My daughter did ES and then went on to be a lawyer but her youngest brother is hopeless at maths so chose L.

He wants to be a journalist and coud do either ES or L so that was OK. 

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