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Hello calling all ladies. I was wondering if any ladies that had a smear test in france and could offer me some advice. I went for a smear test about six months ago and waited for the results to come through and waited..... and waited..... and waited nothing happened so I went back to the doctor and was told he would chase it up ,in the end a got a small bill telling me that my card vitale and health top up hadnt covered it all,but there was no sign of any smear test result,I showed the doctor the paper and he said as they hadnt been in touch at the hospital everything must be o.k. Have I understood this -It just seems a bit vague. Thanks again

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cdf29 1194120116

I have had a smear test in France and both times I paid the full amount.

Usually the doctor will call you if there is a problem but if no problems then you will hear nothing but you should still get your own set of results once you have paid the bill, or even a letter with a ticket saying you must pay this amount and your results in it.

Hopwe that helps

lucylocket-397602 1194120316

I have had several smear tests in the years I've been here. Initially, like you, waited and waited for the result and ended up phoning to find out if all was OK. Subsequent tests returned nothing either. Apparently they only get in touch if there's a news is good news so, am now happy to hear nothing

honeycomb 1194126756

Thanks for both of your replys ,although I did pay the bill I still didnt get a result ,so hopefully it is a case of no news is good news.

I wonder if things differ from area to area?

Thanks again

Filo-401324 1194127448

Dont worry. I had a smear test done and did not get the result, so I phoned my gynaecologist's secretary up and was informed that if the test result is negative, you are not informed.

I confirmed this when I next saw my gynie, (have to see her every 6 months) and she told me the same.

honeycomb 1194129938

Thanks for all the replys ,I feel like my mind has been put to rest now.

Thanks again

Lyni-402480 1195741697

It must be a bit different in our area (Scaer) as I had mine done on Monday, I asked the Doctor if I would get a result even if everything was o.k and he said of course then today only 4 days later I have had my result,which was negative. I am very impressed.

daffy-397225 1195743400

Could you tell me roughly how much does a smear test cost and does your own doctor do it?

Thank you.

kerguen 1195745667

My own Doctor doesn't take smears, tho' I have friends whose GP's do. I was sent to the Gynae consultant in Guingamp, and had the results (which were negative) thro the post, a few days later. The advantage of going to a gynaecologist is that he can sort out any other problems at the same time.


greylady-403135 1195746978

I would also like to know the cost of a smear test if anyone can help with this,

many thanks


Lyni-402480 1195751478

The cost was the appointment 22€ and lab fee was 15.85€

Kerguen - I had it done at the Drs as there was a long waiting list at the gyni hospital and no wait at the Drs and was long over due.

If any one needs a mammogram I went to Quimperlé Centre d'imagerie medicale and the cost was 108€ which I think some gets reimbursed, not that I mind paying because it was an excellent service and was only in 45mins not like the last time in England when I was at the hospital all morning.

daffy-397225 1195751951

Thank you for the replies.

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