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Hello all, We've been searching for a complex of gites or a chateau in Brittany or Normandy we can use as our wedding venue and that could give us a large family holiday for a week next year. We are looking to house close to 60 guests for a week in either the same grounds or very close together.    Does anyone know of a cluster of gites or a chateau that fits this description?   Any help is greatly appreciated.   Kind Regards, Brian

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we hired the Domaine de Kervalon near Caro 56 for our son's wedding 4 years ago. we had about 60 guests. They have a large reception room and good facilities Including swimming pool. The only negative aspect was the accommodation which was in mobile homes. these were OK for a couple of nights, but a week would be down to taste. The owner was very helpful and accommodating.

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Hi brian


Have you considered mobile homes on a campsite.  Check out the website  Its an english owned campsite situated in southern brittany (microclimate area)..  Contact name is Andrew Munro.  He is having a new bar and fuction room built ready for next season so it could be ideal for a venue, amenities, location 2km from the sea, and cheap for all the guests to hire or share a mobile.  He has had a number of wedding parties here in the past that have been very succesful .    Or for the beauty of a manoir, try the manoir de keltag - riec sur belon (pricey) but looks like something off a james bond film - luxurious bedrooms .  Their is also the manoir de Menec in Bannalac.  Half frenchhalf english owned.  They have a great number  of old stone cottage  gites set idyllic grounds surrounding the main manoir, plus a leisure centre.  Contact a lady called Hilary.

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you could try this complex

I used to pass it often when I lived in the area and saw several big receptions taking place.

It is just outside Kervignac and easily reached via the Nantes / Brest voie express (N164 I think)

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I do not know how many people tony and sandra's gites near camors holds,but have a look at their site and give them a call. maybe they can help you out!!

Bonne chance

Jamie xx

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Thank you so much to all you wonderful people for your suggestions so far. We really appreciate it! We were finding it quite hard to find places to host a wedding that won't cost the earth but all these suggestions look great and we've contacted them, so fingers crossed! :)

Any more suggestions are more than welcome.


Thanks again so so much for taking the time to reply to us!

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RBNB have lots of chateau's. There is one at Illifaut that a couple just booked, the main family stayed in the Chateaux and everyone else booked local or camped. There are some with 15 bedrooms if you search.

loobylu-395283 1435507593 fabulous location and can accommodate all your guests

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i got married this year 23 may near Baud

in a a campsite Camping Morbihan - CAMPING LE VILLAGE INSOLITE

they have different rental ( boat, mobil homes , wooden houses)  too plus heated in door pool

plus we rented a chapteau we where 45 at my wedding

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