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hello! I am a mother of 2 children ( 2 years old son and a 6 months daughter). We live in a house next to Lorient in Ploemeur. We have a field and many animals. I've studied English at university (in Paris) for 3 years and I love this language. I'm trying to speak a lot in english to my children (my husband can improve the children vocabulary by the way;-) I would love to meet English speaking persons to have the opportunity to chat with an dto learn more at the same time. If you want to learn more french words or to start to learn French: I would love helping.I am graduated in French literature. We could walk around Lorient. I walk often wih my children near the sea or in the wood. There are many nice places. the person I'm looking for is a mother with young children or a grand mother or a student who would be happy to share some moments in family life! hope to hear soon from you.I will write back!  

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bran56 1447965443

Hello my name is Lin I am interested in your offer, could you contact me by e mail

An'da 1447968793

hi Lin! Glad to hear from you! It is the first time I 'm using this website and I don't find out how to reply on your e-mail... can you write directly on mine if you find how? I can write my email here otherwise..


Iguana Rock 1448043182

I wish you were near Roscoff as I would love this opportunity! I've been trying to find someone like you for nearly 5 years!

An'da 1448201340

Hi Iguana Rock.

thanks for you message. It encourages me to find English friends around Lorient. Lin and I will meet soon so that's a good start.I really want my children to hear "real" english ;-)  I tryed to find someone for 3 months in "le bon coin" but it wasn't the right place to find English persons...hopefully someone answered giving me the name of "Angloinfo" and I really thank this man for that. I had never heard about it before! I'm telling you that story because I think you could find people like me around Roscoff posting a message on Le Bon Coin. If you need help to correct your text in French, I can do it for you. I really encourage you to try! You have nothing to lose! An'da


chb1974 1448366505

Hello - I am interested too, I have 2 boys 5 and 6yrs.

I live 3km from Lorient. I need to improve my French but also want my boys to speak more English so also interested in meeting Lin!


chocks 1448367363


on Facebook is a group English - French connexions / Connections franco-anglaises en Bretagne which puts people in touch with like minded people/families in their area to make friends and practice each other's language. You might find what you are looking for on there......

An'da 1448401630

Hi Charlotte!

I answered you today directly on your e-mail.I hope that you received it.

I would be happy to meet you!


An'da 1448402194

Hi Chocks!

thank you for that...this might convince me to have a facebook account ;-) I'll look if I can find it without facebook. In any case; thanks again!

Anne- Danielle (An'da)

An'da 1448402489

Hi Lin! Did you received my e-mail in answer to yours? You never wrote back so please tell me if not or if you changed your mind...thanks.


chb1974 1448448252

Hello,I didn't recieved your email. At some point we could meet up but i am very busy with kids activities on wednesdays, and am working during the week. Charlotte.

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