Looking for cheap accommodation from Monday 20th July Finistere

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Dear all, I know this is all very last minute, but we're hoping someone out there may have a brilliant idea, suggestion, etc. We are looking for inexpensive accoommodation from next week Monday for a week, or maybe two. A simple chalet at a camping would be great, or a mobile home or a small gite, we're open to all ideas, as long as they're within our budget.. Near Audierne, Douarnenez, Le Cap, Quimper, etc, as don't want to be away too far from family, and hubby would like to do some work on our house to be renovated, so can go up and down.Unfortunately our house is (still) not habitable, hence us having to find alternative accommodation elsewhere nearby. It would be for us, two adults, and our 2 young granddaughters, 9 & 10 years old. They are English speakers,, but know a bit of French, we'd love for them to be near other children if possible. A swimmingpool nearby would be a big plus, but we don't need luxury. Thanks a million for your replies, much appreciated, kind regards, Ronan

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telljan 1437295417

Have you found anywhere yet? I googled Leboncoin and there are campsites advertised on there. Found one with a vacancy this week. May be worth a look if still searching!


corktofrance 1437313889

Hi Teljan, no, still haven't found anything so far,  thanks for the tip, find local campings very expensive, but do realise it's the Summer, and understandthey need to make their money, just a bt surprised there's no last -minute offers, but going to sit down and go through LBC this afternoon, thanks again for all helpful tips & suggestions, kind regards, Milly

telljan 1437325505

Any luck yet? Have you got ferry booked?!

telljan 1437378053

Plenty of last minute offers on website La France du Nord au sud.  x


corktofrance 1437380610

thanks a lot, will try immediately! kind regards, Milly

Iguana Rock 1437392381

Look at 'Vente Privee', some excellent choices.

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