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I have received a letter from RSI inviting me to make an appointment for a medical examination and BCG for my 3 year old. Do I make this appointment with my own doctor, or is there a special clinic I need to take her to? The letter doesn't make it very clear. The letter also says to take her carnet de sante, which we don't have, do I take her "equivalent " book that I had in the U.K? Thank You

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Take the letter to your own doctor, the letter entitles her to a free jab and check up (there will probably be an expiry date).

Take the UK Red book with you as that tells the doctor when the last jabs were made. We have three children, two with the UK version and one with the Carnet de Sante and both versions have been accepted.


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We have used our UK Red Health Books for our children. Note the BCG vaccine is no longer compulsory for school attendance, many doctors wont give it on that basis, it is now only recommended for those children that are at high risk of exposure to TB.

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Or doctor refused to give Daniel (then 5) his BCG, claiming it was uncessary and that BCG can have side-effects.

His school were quite alright with this.

Have the exam anyway - they are very thorough!

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Hi Lisa

We got hasseled to get the jabs for our then 9&8 yr olds. I got the Carnet de Sante by phoning the number on the back of my French friends book.

Protection maternelle et Infantile, Quimper
02 98 76 20 20

I just told tham that we were a new family and the books arrived a week later.

My doctor told me that not long after ours had them that the jabs wouldn't be compulsory. He said that I could leave it until it was made official but I'd already gone that far, so I just told him to give them the jabs. I don't think that I would've been happy for them to have them if they were younger than the ages that they were though. It hurt them for months after.

Good luck.

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Thank you to everyone who has replied to me.


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