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Hello, I am living in Quimperlé and looking to meet up with other families with children. I have an one-year old child myself. 

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kevandbev 1446929425

Hi, I'm not that close to you but would meet up if we are in the area, our boys are 4 and 6 though a little older than yours :-)  Are you on facebook ? there are several groups that would be good for you to join for a meet up.  Let me know I can tell you details

Sandra17-10056936 1447025447

Hi there, sounds great. Please do let me know when you are in the area, I also do not mind travelling a bit. Unfortunately, I am not on facebook. Is it the only way to join these meet ups? 

chb1974 1448367617

Hello I have boys aged 5+6yrs looking for english speaking kids to play with. I am in Queven, where are you?


chb1974 1448367660

oh and would love to hear about the FB groups.

MikyMoo 1448392357

Hi sorry but ime joking ,I have a goat and 2 kids  can I come ?

Sandra17-10056936 1448722396

Hi Charlotte, I live in Quimperle so it is not that far :-)  As for FB, I was recommended two groups: Playdate Network France & Parents in Brittany. 


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