Moms...where to buy formal clothes for 3yo boy?

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His uncle is getting married next month and i am looking for a dressy outfit for my 3yo son but I am not sure where ... I ive near Rennes..can anyone point me in the right direction?ss

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Bourbriac Babe 1155079592

how about going on ebay and buying something BNWT (brand new with tags), some of the stuff i;ve had has been excellent and really cheap.  You could always dry clean it and put it back up for auction after the event if you wanted. Great for getting dressy wedding outfits including hats as people sell the whole outfit as a job lot.  good luck and enjoy the wedding


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sscolnik-384151 1155113590

hi there...actually I have been looking on without much luck, maybe I am not using the right words...Actually the wedding outfits I am seeing are too formal and my son is tall and skinny so I am worried they wont fit well. I would really like to find a store nearby...

question, on how would I word or search for, "dressy outfit" the USA the word I would use are formal, dressy, wedding attire..not coming up with much. what would I search for in My husband says costumes mariage

is there another website I could look on?

orme-384975 1155115505

I'm not near Rennes, so can't help there, (my boy is ten years older too, so I no longer look really hard at the little kid clothes) but last time I was in a Monoprix they had smart outfits for kids.  Not suits (costumes), granted, but little shirts and trousers which were smarter than ordinary wear (and more comfortable for a 3 year old than a suit and tie!)  Not too expensive either, bearing in mind that they probably won't be worn often and will be outgrown in next to no time!

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If you can find a shop that sells Jean Le Bourges clothes, they will have some lovely formal trousers.  My son, at 3 (he's 32 now!) was long and skinny and British trousers never fitted him, I found J Le B in UK, it's a French make and they still exist because I have seen them in France but I can't remember where.  Usually a small shop that specializes in Childrens clothing, perhaps in Brest, Rennes, etc.  Hope that's of some help.

Steve & Emma-387518 1155126460

If your looking on ebay UK they usually have wedding suits for page boys! You could try page boy as a search word. What size clothes is he in as I may have a 3-4years old suit in black from when my son was a page boy(not sure if I boxed it up for our younger son or not). Emma

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Bourbriac Babe 1155129529


when I suggested e-bay I had in mind the Uk site as normally most things can be posted anywhere, and there seems to be sections on wedding and formal clothes.  Good luck with your search


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michele-386552 1155135182

Try verbodet, shop or catalogue, they have some lovely things.  I've also bought clothes from e bay, try boys suit age 3, or boys 3 piece suit, or boys wedding, page boy. it is more of a risk fit wise though.  Good luck  Michele


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