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Hi myself and my husband and 2 children are looking to move to france in these areas and would like any advice anyone could give husband is a builder and we are looking for somewhere with land so we can have horses ect and outbuildings to do possible renovation to make a holiday rental aswell.I would like to be near shops and bars and schools as my daughter is 4 and my son is 8,is it hard to get them into schools?we would like to have neighbours but not close,my main thing is for the children to live a better life but still where they can speak english and french(my son has had speach problems) and be able to get to shops and make friends where they can go off and play.advice on these areas would be great!thanku xx

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Hi there!  We moved to Callac in Brittany in December with our two year-old son and it's great.  Getting into school (the ecole maternelle, for his age group, as it would be for your four year-old) was very easy.  We just had to drop a photocopy of his birth certificate and passport to the mairie, along with the registration form, and then we met the headmaster at the school and gave him a couple of forms with essential details on (which he e-mailed us to fill in).  Then he was in!

We found our house with which is as good a site as any, and has lots of reasonably priced properties with land; almost all of them require some kind of renovation, to keep a builder busy!

Although I might be biased, I'd recommend Brittany over Normandy.  Overall it's sunnier, drier, warmer and has a nicer countryside; it's like Cornwall, except there's much more space so it's much less crowded.  Normandy's a bit bleaker and greyer.

As an idea of what you can get for your money, here is a random typical French house with a bit of land;

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Hi,thankyou so much for the information,it will help us alot and my husband was looking at normandy but i was looking more at brittany so this is great to hear as the kids are my main worry,

Many thanks


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Hi Estelle

Sorry to re-open this thread. I am new to the forum and was wondering how you got on with schooling in France? I am currently looking at options so others experience greatly appreciated.



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