Moving to Le Sourn with a 3 year old

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My family (me,husband and son) are looking to move to Le Sourn from England. I've been looking into education and it would seem children go to school at an older age (6?). Ideally I would like my son to go to a nursery or pre school to learn French immediately. I do, however, want to send him somewhere there are English speaking teachers as he doesn't currently speak a word of French and I worry it will be too much for him. Has anyone had to go through this process? Would most lower education have English speaking support? I'd also like my son to go to an International school once he's of age but there doesn't seem to be anything local to Le Sourn or Pontivy? Any advice would be greatly welcomedMany thanks,Savina

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Oldbury 1500457925

sent him immediately to French pre-school; leave the notion of English teachers behind. Your child has a brain like a sponge. Of course he will struggle, you will struggle with the guilt of bringing him to France, then he'll be bilingual and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Your son will also refuse to speak French in front of you and cringe when you speak it. Seen it so many times; trust your decision to come here and give him the freedom of your choice.

Busterboy 1500459603

6 yrs is the age by law that kids have to go to school! But most primary schools have a maternal section , they will recieve your child from 2 years , as long as they are out of nappys!! Its a bit like  free chid care , but the kids are structured more than 'play school'. there is usually  the possibility of paying for them  to stay after school hours.

Sarah 1500462890

Our 3 were put straight into the local village school, Matt was just 3 and the girls were 5 & 6.  Son didn't bat an eyelid and settled in very quickly at maternal, after lunch they always had a sleep and he had to take a cuddly toy in.  None of the teachers spoke in English with any of our children.  Kids are like sponges and soak everything in, try not to worry and have attached a link which may help.  Good luck - 

Savina-Jones-905087 1500493749

Thanks for your replies everyone! I will certainly look into the local school and see how they can support the transition

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