Mums in Concarneau/Quimper region

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I was just wondering if there was any mums in and around the concarneau/quimper region?geraldine 29

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scaer 1210942012

Hi Geraldine

I'm not too far I live in Scaer with one 12 year old daughter.

living in (29) & loving it!

garibaldi234-406016 1211799862


we live in tregunc and i have a nine month old.i have also friends who have children between the ages of two and twelve!

geraldine 29

sueandgray 1214950677

Hi we're just north of quimper and have 4 children boys of 12 years and 6 months and girls of 11 and 8. My 11 year old is spending most of the summer holidays in England, but my 12 year old could do with meeting up with other English speaking boys into computers, books, role playing games or sci-fi! Any offers???!!! He's been at school here for 9 months and really struggling with the language; needs some companionship. My 8 year old too would love to meet up with other anglophones occasionally!

jo in quimper-392579 1215349391

Hi Sue !

Mother baby group cancelled during school holidays at hippo, will be in touch soon.


tryshard55 1439975178

Hi there

I have just picked up on your posting through another link. We are an English speaking familyliving in Concarneau with two boys, 16 and 11 years in the beginning of October. Our elder son is learning the language well but the younger is struggling at school and with his peer group. If you wish we could talk further.....



56fr 1440076389


I spend a bit of time in la foret foues. i have a 15 month old girl, and have lived here for a few years. 


go onto expats in quimper on facebook too, there are a few mums on there too, 

we could arrange something




garibaldi234-406016 1440101467


Lovely to hear from you.

My two have grown since this post was posted, 5 and 8 tomorrow. We live in Nevez , about 15 minutes from concarneau.

Its always good to catch up with fellow anglo speakers :) 

pops0590 1440163032

Sadly we are too far away from you! We are in St.Meen Le Grand area 35290 and like you seeking like minded mums. My son is 13 years of age and struggling at school with the language and peer groups. I have also posted an ad and look forward to hearing from anyone in this area.

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