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Does anyone out there have young children? I have a 2 yr old boy and a 9yr old girl.As there are no mother & toddler groups here it's hard to get to know people.We live in Gourin 56 and would love to meet other mums for a coffee & chat as my french is still very limited even after 18 months here.Marianna

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jennifernay 1110843708

Hi there,

I know this is ages after you posted!  But I'm Jen, moving down to 56 near Vannes shortly...we've had our house there for ages, we're finally taking the plunge.

We have a 20 month old boy who will be starving for fun!

Would love to meet up, I'll be there for a few weeks in April, and am probably full time by May.

Kind regards,


Santana-382899 1110878106

Have sent you an email, Marianna.

That makes at least 3 families with very young children in the 56 area - we could perhaps have a regular get together sometime, with any others living nearby, if there's enough interest?

jennifernay 1110882954

I just told my husband this morning, who is home sick, what joy, about finding you all, and he's really pleased!

The only people we know down there are our neighbours who are the farmers next door!  Their kids are all grown, so it will be great for us to meet all of you!

Kind regards,

michele-386552 1110988525

I live at St Aignan, nr Lac Gerledan, and have advertised a few times for get togethers, I've now met 3 others and would still like to get to meet some more friends. Come the summer it'll be great to meet up by the lake, there's new owners at the creperie restaurant, and If there's enough of us on a regularish basis maybe I can negotiate a cheap menu for us. In the mean time if anyone fancies a get together here or at maybe Pontivy / loudiac pool please call. Regards Michele, With Hannah 3 1/2 and william just turned 2 !! 02 97 27 53 93


jennifernay 1110989109

Hi Michele,

Lake sounds absolutely fantastic.  I've driven by it about 100 times, but have never stopped.  It's about half an hour or so from me, which isn't that bad!

Will give you a ring definitely when I get there!


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dream catcher-385751 1111010715

Hi all

THis is spooky ,but I have been getting really concerned that my 19 month old daughter never gets to see other tots,let alone play.& have been really bending my hubbies ear lately as I am afraid she will never learn the art of sharing,waiting her turn etc..I have a 12 year old daughter who always lets her little sis have her own way.

Anyway,we are at La Chapelle Caro (56) & would really love to meet up.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


jennifernay 1111012382

That is spooky!

Hopefully we can remedy that situation soon!

I'll email you though!


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LaCheshireKittyChat 1111016624

Don't forget the BBQ at the lake! Child-friendly!! Everyone invited!

I live in Cléguérec. I have two girls 5 and 7 and would love to meet up as well!


jennifernay 1111016881

Hi Kitty,

Excellent!  Friends of ours who live down the lane are also moving down, near to Melrand, and they have 6 and 7 year old girls!  Should be a good giggle!

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Scarey 1111087545

Hi Everyone

I am looking to meet up with other mums too as I have a soon to be 6 month old baby and a 5 year old who is a school full time.

I am at home with the 6 month old every day all day and would love to have some adult company and have my little girl see and play with other children at the same time.

I live 10 minutes from Ploermel, would love to hear from somebody.




jennifernay 1111088297

Hi Scarey,

Why don't you come to me when I'm down in April for a coffee and a chat?  I don't know if I have time to go to Ploermel, but I definitely could be hostess!

I'm not too far away from Locmine, just between there and Grandchamp, in Loperhet.

Let me know!  I've got a 20 month old who would like to have a look at "baby"!!


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Scarey 1111148034

Hi Jen

Thank you very much I would love to have coffee and a chat.

Let me know when you are around and we can arrange something.



michele-386552 1111417833

Hi All again, and sorry to Jennifer that I haven't yet mailed you, I've been having real problems with my computer. Anyway news, I've been to the Restaurant at Ans Du Sordan (on Lake Guerledan ), and am negotiating a special deal for us Mums who want to get together now and then. I've been hearing from lots of people and everyone is so scaterred, and get togethers always sound great in principal, but the reality of little ones and long distances is not ideal,as i'm sure you'll all agree. So With the nice weather coming it'll be ideal, beach and play area, and lots of scrummy food for us mums to fill our chops with !! I don't mind which day we meet, I'll give it a couple of days for some feed back and then sort out the details. I hope that by having a central location we can get lots of people together on a regular basis, and just think, no washing up !! Regards all Michele


jennifernay 1111421992

Hi there!

Thanks for your post.  I've never been to the Lac de Guerdelan before, and have passed the exit for it countless times!

I'll be able to come any weekday except Wednesdays...Best time for us late morning or so since my little one sleeps from 1-3.  But hey, if that stands in anyone's way, we'll just try and put off the nap on that day!

Let me know,


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Griffin Family 1111488020


Mondays & Fridays are good for me but I won't be able to make it before July as Ellie is at school & comes home for lunch.I'm about an hour away so not too early please!

Look forward to meeting you.



karensage-384175 1111489647

Hi all

Jen - this is spooky coz Michele at Lac Guerledan is the other mum I was telling you about!! Looks like we could definitely get a group together. I'm at St Mayeux which is five minutes from Mur de Bretagne.  Always happy to meet up with other mums and tots. Hopefully Michele can pull this thing together!! Good one Michele!

michele-386552 1111580279

I was thinking of lunch time myself so that we could use the facilities for food, how about Wednesdays or are there too many older children? Maybe those that want lunch can meet up at 12.ish to eat at 12.30 and those that don't want lunch come over as and when, I'm quite happy to make an afternoon of it, and be there earlier when the suns out !
How about a trial run on the Friday 1st April ? Let me know numbers and I'll book us in . Regards Michele


karensage-384175 1111607167

Im definitely up for that!

jennifernay 1111608865

Wish I were going to be there!  I probably won't arrive until the 12th or 13th!  Shame!

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michele-386552 1111785647

Hi All, Change of plan. The restaurant and it's new owners are not going to be ready to open until after the 8th, So The meet here will be on the 15th April, so Jennifer you'll be here !! Hooray! I've spoken to the owners about meeting on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month and that then gives every one time to meet up with people closer to them on the other weeks, as I know it's a bit of a distance for some. It would be nice to have a group though even if some people can only make it now and then. For next week 1st, We're going to meet up at Beu Rivage at Caurel (north side ) Just off the N164 Nr Mur Du Bretagne. So far there is myself and Karen Sage, and hopefully Leslie, Are there any others who fancy a get together, and a chat? Hope to meet lot's of new friends soon. Michele


jennifernay 1111826359

Sounds great Michele!  Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Damian is driving himself and the dog / cat down on the 10th, and I'm flying (!!) down on the 11th, so will definitely be at yours on the 15th!

Looking forward to it!

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Griffin Family 1111837679


I won't be able to make the 1st,I've got visitors but Karl & I would love to come on the 15th .What time though?



Beccy-384263 1111870808


I would love to meet up with you all too, but won't really be around until the summer. I hope the meetings go well and hope to bring along 4 and 1 year old in the summer if that's all right!?


michele-386552 1112094023

Hi everyone, so far so good for Friday, This is open to all mums (and Dads) with kids no matter how old, obviously the older ones will be at school during term time, but come the summer it will be ideal for them too as there plenty of water in the lake to amuse them !! I know it will be more difficult for people who live further away to attend regularly, but by having the get together every other week it gives those that live closer together time to do your own thing, You might meet somebody who lives in the next town click and only want to come and see the rest of us once a month!! It doesn't matter, What's important is the fact that we can meet up have a chat, offer support and advice to one another when we need it as apposed to thinking "I must go I Said I would"!! AND hopefully meet some nice people and have LOTS of FUN. Remember the Venue this Friday is the Creperie at Beau Rivage, Caurel. It is the north side of Lac Guerledan off the N 164, Near Mur Du Bretagne. If we meet this week at 12.45 that should give us all time to get back for School runs, If we think it needs to be earlier we can sort that for the next time (15th at original venue). If anyone want's to call me my number is 20 97 27 53 93. Right book finished!! hope to meet lots of you on Friday, Michele


nade 1112174101

Hi unable to come this week but im about on the 15th,,,so look forward to you all on you need numbers for then to book?  if so 2 adults 6 mth and 2 year old



honey-384499 1112391710

I live in Noyal-Pontivy and have a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 7, would love to meet up for a chat with every one when the kids are on holiday.

Look forward to meeting you all.


michele-386552 1112439365

Hi Julie, Great come along any time 1st or 3rd Friday, or call me first if you want to make sure it's all going o.k. If for any reason it was cancelled one week I would post on here. Hope to see you soonish !! Michele


jennifernay 1112863172

Hi everyone!  I'll send you all mails anyway, but just wanted to say I'm moving on Monday coming!  No crazy furniture to deal with as that will come later, so this is just a normal arrival really, except that I've moved.  Eek!

So, Michele, are we meeting at yours on the 15th?  If so, can you send me your address and stuff so I can find you?  What are the times again?

After that, I'm happy for everyone to come to me if they'd like a change of scenery! 


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michele-386552 1112871659

Hi Jen, the info for the venue. Anse Du Sordan, south side of Lac Guerledan. Get yourself to St.Aignan, Which is north of Pontivy on your map.
Turn into the village and you will see a stone cross on your left turn left here, go up the hill to a t junction, turn left again going up, up, up!
You'll come to a junction and opposit is Botcol Bar, join this road and drive up passed the bar (right). stay on the road that goes up ( C2 ).
Keep going up the hill and eventually down the other side, (it's about 3 kms out of the village) when you get passed the farms and back into the forest you will see a turning on the right sign posted Anse Du Sordan.
If you've got a decent map it will be on there, it's the only road to this side of the lake. Hope to meet you soon Michele
Any problems just call me


jennifernay 1112872894

thanks for that!

what's the time to be there?

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honey-384499 1112876259

will not be able to make 15th kids don't start their holiday until the 16th.

When is the next one?

Hope to meet everyone then


jennifernay 1112877854

well, we can have a coffee and chat at my house if you all want the following week sometime if you like!

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michele-386552 1112906075

I thought 12- 12.30, Gives people time for a natter and to get back for the school run.
It will be the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Michele


saskia-387830 1113012695

Hi everyone

I'm coming over mid July for a prep visit before moving over in September with my partner and my daughter aged 8. She's not convinced by the whole move thing so it would be fantastic for us to meet other families who are not too far. Having said that I realise I have no idea if we are far or not (no sense of geography) we will be near Scrignac & Huelgoat but am willing to travel for the sake of saying hi!

Also any advice on school issues most welcome


michele-386552 1113037330

Hi Saskia, Huelgot is roughly an hour, just over, and it would be great to meet you, drop us a line when you get here, or before if you want to chat to anyone.
See you soon-ish ! Michele


michele-386552 1113037989

Hi Everyone, been down to the restaurant yesterday, looks like it's going to be a cool place, they'd just received two lorry loads full of furniture from North Africa.
We've sussed out that we'll stick to 2 choices of munch, American Sandwich ( apparently big) at 5.50e, and ceasar salad at 9e, and chips and ham will be put out for the kids for free, Drinks to be covered separatly. On the day we can check out the menue again and decide what we would like as choices next time if this isn't to your fancy, This time I just went for a cheaper option and a bit more of a meal option.
Anyway let me know your preferance if you know it, but it's not vital, as some people might see the post and decide to come last minute.
To date I think there's going to be 8 of us, So should be great, our little darlings won't know what's hit them ! Better bring ear plugs !! Looking forward to it see you soon Michele


saskia-387830 1113048757

Hi again

I've been talking to my daughter this morning and we were wondering if any other children around her age might want a 'pen-friend' or e-mail buddy in the ten weeks or so before we come over. She is pretty nervous and doesn't have any French as yet although we are trying to learn and are looking for a tutor for the next few weeks to give us some basics.


PS Is there a junior part to this site? It just occured to me.

Griffin Family 1113475354

Sorry this is a bit short notice but please add 1 ceaser salad & 1 kids meal for tomorrow.Look forward to meeting you all.

Marianna & Karl


jennifernay 1114169413

Hi everyone!

It was great to meet you last week, I think once the kinks get worked out, Merlin is going to be a lovely spot!

Given that I've got millions of relatives coming in May and will miss at least the next meet, does anyone fancy a meet somewhere in between? My house is always open!

Let me know!

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michele-386552 1114177358

Hi Jen and everyone else I met last week. I've been meaning to write to say how great it was to meet you all, I can finally put faces to names and voices!!!
I will be having words with the venue as there are a few things that need clearing up, and at the end of the day it's no fun if a place is not child friendly. The lads who run the place are really nice and I can see their point about their lovely new furniture, But that's no good for us.
I was talking with Nadine and we both said the same about meeting up and fetching a picknic, which will be great come the nicer weather, and maybe come the bad weather again they will have loosened up after a summer full of kids!!!
I'd love to meet up at yours Jen when's a good time? Most of us have older kids or tots at home until the 2nd May. Pick a day and I'm sure we'll all try and make it. Michele


jennifernay 1114187693


Thanks for coming back so quickly! I agree about the restaurant, it was a bit scary with all the new beautiful furniture and my small grubby boy!

I can do almost any day, but suppose others need more notice, would next Friday 29th suit? If that works we can do picnic oor coffee and cakes, whatever really!

Let me know!

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Us Five-385212 1114189560

Hi Saskia,

Have tried to email with no luck.  We are in Dept 22 having been here since last June.

Emily 12 and Carl 7 have just had test results from their terms at school and college and they are excellent, much better than we would have expected, as they have also had to cope with grandma passing away whilst we were moving here!

If you would like to get in touch please do so, I'm sure the kids will willingly give any tips etc., for school.

Bye for now




The Flynn Family

nade 1114206469

Hi all sounds good children are of school so it will be much easier with time's and the girls can come too.  Will watch out for when and where.

Bon Weekend



michele-386552 1114256109

Jennifer are you o.k about us all turning up with all our kids? Or would you prefer it to be a time when it's just the tots. If It's a bit difficult with all the older ones I'm vacant ( So iv'e been told !! ha! ha!) Let us know, I'm free for next Friday eitherway. Michele


jennifernay 1114258132

no worries about the kids, they can all run round as they like!

Should we do some sort of pot luck lunch if we're going to be a big group?

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michele-386552 1114438185

Hi Jen, Count me in, I'll either be coming with Nade or we'll be in convoy!! See you then Michele


Badgerboy 1114463396

Hi, there seem to be loads of different posts for meet up's with kids, I'm in Languidic 56 and have a soon to be 5 year old girl and a 15 month old girl, and would love to be included! Please can someone let me know what's going on! Thanks so much, Sarah

jennifernay 1114466444

Hi Sarah!

We are all in 56 with tots, mine is a 21 month old boy named Tristan. We just started meeting a couple weeks ago, and are getting together this week at my house which is not too far from you, we are about 10 minutes from pluvigner. You and yous are more than welcome, we will be a big group hence everyone is going to bring something to eat! feel free to send me an email or give me a bell on! Jen

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michele-386552 1114529256

Hi Sarah, you can either read all what's on here for a good insight of how this all got started, or check out the 'whats on' section of the site, or just come along meet us,!! We've only had one meeting so far, and there will be 3 others I know of coming to the next meeting So it's looking good. Keep refering to this page for any new info ( changes,etc). Regards and looking forward to meeting you Michele


jennifernay 1114641826

Hi all!

It looks like there will be quite a few of us on Friday!! It will be great! For anyone needing directions please drop me a note, since everyone will be coming from different directions it is hard to give a general map.

Foodwise, I will have loads of baguettes, crisps and stuff here and am going to make a pasta salad. Karen said she will make a coleslaw, Naide said she is making a salmon mousse! I would be a genius if I could dream up something all kiddies will eat, so if could you all just bring a little something for them, that would be great!

Ok, I think that is it! See you Friday!

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michele-386552 1114723259

Right everybody, Just to let you know that it is the 'Official oppening' of the Anse de Sordan restaurant tomorrow, from 5 open to all, So i'm going to go and mingle!! Anyone else up for it?
Don't forge the next meeting is next Friday 6th May, is everyone o.k still with the venue? I think we'll just all order our own thing off the menue this time seeing as we didn't really get a great deal last time, unless they offer the world tomorrow!! I will have words and let you all know the outcome. See you all then if not before. Michele


Kirst-385661 1114764180

Was going to pop down today, bit of a drive so will see later whats happening, and maybe try and give Jen a call later.  Sorry for the late notice if I gate-crash. 



jennifernay 1114766344

Hi Kirst, you are more than welcome! any time from 11 onwards. give me a bell or email if you need directions!

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michele-386552 1114791000

Hi Jen Had a teally nice time today, shame it was a short stay, But hopefully make more of it next time. I've been trying to call you ref the opening night, but you must be out. I can't get through to the restaurant either, So I still don't know what's happening there!. Speak to you soon and thanks again for a lovely time Michele


michele-386552 1115113341

Hi all, don't forget this Friday 6th is the first friday of the month, so will be meeting at the restaurant. This time we'll just all order our own thing, then it can be as luxurious a lunch as you want or cheap as chips!!. Hope to see lots of you again for a natter!! Michele


michele-386552 1115224322

SORRY ALL, My circumstances have changed and I can't make it to the restaurant this Friday. Nadine mentioned meeting at Mc Donalds in Lorient as there is a sit in play area for the kids. I might be able to make that. ( my parents are over, so a trip to Lorient could work o.k )
If anyone fancies a get together next week, I'm willing to host here. Maybe we could do like we did at Jens and all bring a plate of something.
I'm suggesting that we do our own thing from now on as opposed to going to the restaurant, as I know a few thought it was a bit too new for children ( diplomatic ).
Let me know what you all think, and also who's up for mine next week? Michele


michele-386552 1115674535

Anyone fancy mine on Friday? let me know here or give me a call. Hopefully it'll be a nice day and the kiddies can play out. If every body fetches an item to munch, we can have a picnic, I'll get bread and cheese spread,jam, yogurts and lollies if it's nice!!. Hope to see you Friday Michele


Griffin Family 1115810060

Hi Marianna here,I'll be coming with Nadine & the 2 boys.Also another mum & son maybe coming.Look forward to Friday,let's hope the weather holds


michele-386552 1115817746

Great Marianna, maybe we 'll manage more of a chat this time!!!, We were sat furthest away last time!. Looking forward to seeing you Michele


michele-386552 1115817895

DuuH, Forgot to say, about 12.45, as I've got some dance thing at Hannahs School till lunch time.M


jennifernay 1117548081

Hi everybody!

I've been away for a while, relatives and more relatives...more are arriving today! 

Has anyone been thinking of a meet sometime soon?  I can always offer our house, as now our heat pump has been put in and the pool feels like a bathtub, which is perfect for little ones!

Anyone fancy a trek down here, you are welcome, we'd just have to look for a date that suits everyone!


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karensage-384175 1117561355

Hi Jen

We're up for that definitely - just name a date!!

Griffin Family 1117622180

Hi Jen

We'd love to come,maybe in a couple of weeks as I've got visitors at the moment.Wednesdays are best for me.



michele-386552 1117623571

hi Jen good to have you back, Yep Frdays with the little ones or Wednesdays with all!! the choice is yours!!
I'm also up for my place again sometime, or maybe a new venue? anybody volunteering?!! I know Nadine has said her place is open and I'm sure Karen said hers too, but better check that I know they've been having work done.
Looking forward to meet up again, maybe there'll be some new faces, not that we're old ones of course !!ha! ha! Michele


jennifernay 1117664143

Hi Marianna!

When do all your guests leave?  Let's pick a day when you are free!


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jennifernay 1118323559


Haven't heard from Marianna, so why don't I just suggest a day?  Are people free on Thursdays or Fridays?  If so, I'd suggest next week, before we have to move to our other house, and lose the pool!

Jen xx

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postyfun 1118324913



I know this reply is quite a while after the posted message but i have only just discovered this site!  We are due to move to St Nicholas Du Pelem in a couple of months (aug 2005) and we have 3 small children 6, 7 and 8 years, we would love to make contact with anyone at all living near to us.


Does anyone have any information on local schooling etc?!!

postyfun 1118325400



I don't know if you remeber but we met in the tea-shop in Guemene sur scorff, a couple of months ago (we were the ones with the 3 children!).

We have completed with the purchase of the house at St Nicholas Du Pelem and wondered if you know of any local activities the children can become involved in, or if you know of anyone else in the area with small children!!

Julia and Mark Bowker

michele-386552 1118325864

Hi Jen count me in for Friday, Wills goes to school Thursday.
Shall we do a pot lunch thing again, that was nice. Let me know a convienient time. Michele


michele-386552 1118326096

Hi Julia and Mark, we don't live to far from you but our kids are younger than yours 2 and 3 3/4 ( as I keep being reminded!!). You'd be welcome to come and visit here if you want, but i guess your kids'll be in school full time during the week. If you fancy meeting down by the lake (Gueredan )when you arrive, Just get in touch. Have a good move Michele


postyfun 1118326367

Hi Michele,

That would be fantastic, the nerves are starting to kick in now, its nice to know that there are people to talk to, my french still needs work!!

Regards  Julia


Steve & Emma-387518 1118339518

Hi can I join in the meet at the lake? We should be moving to a house just 5 mins drive from the lake on 4th September (unless the lease falls through). I've got a 7 1/2 year old girl, a by then almost 6 year old boy, and another 1 1/2 year old boy. I'd love to meet other mums with children in the area. It would be nice for the children to have friends that are going through/been through the same thing. Can any one recomend any primary schools at either Mur de Bretagne or Guoarec aparently the house is between them(I've not got a handel on local villages ect yet). Emma 

karensage-384175 1118487757

Jen - count me in for Friday - just with baby coz Maddie is at school.

Emma and Julia - welcome to France (well soon anyway!!).  You'll love it here and there are lots of friendly faces around to give a hand and have a coffee with.  I have two girls aged five and two (nearly) and am happy to meet up for a chat either at the lac with everyone or one on one at home. Just drop me a line when you get here or turn up at one of the meets.  Schoolwise I have heard that the school at Caurel (near to the lac) is good if that's any help at all!! Best of luck with the moving and bienvenue.

nade 1118500644

Hi Jen

Harley and I cannot make it as we have a school sports day!! hope you all have a nice time, will catch up again.


jennifernay 1118590186

Hi guys!

So who is coming on Friday?  Michelle and Karen?  What time do you all fancy coming along?  I agree completely about the picnic!  I hope it's as nice then as it is now!  Have just come back from the beach!!!

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Griffin Family 1118653069

Hi Jen

Sorry I haven't got back sooner,my father-in-law only went back yesterday,at short notice.I won't be able to make Friday ,Ellie comes home for lunch & it will be too late after.Hope the weather holds ,have yet another great day without me anyway.

Hope to catch up with you all soon.



Griffin Family 1118653549

Hello Julia

My name's Marianna,I live in Gourin & have a 2 year old boy 7 a 10 year old girl.You're more than welcome to come over for a coffee anytime.Just let me know when you arrive.Welcome to France!!


MJH-385622 1119375095

Hi live in Guiscriff, just 10 minutes away from Gourine and I have 5 kids 7 and under.  I would love to meet up sometime.  I know this is a bit of a late reply but, hey, better late than never?!

Alison x

Griffin Family 1119479715

Hi Marianna here.

Just wondering if anyone fancies lunch here next Wednesday?

Hope to catch up with you all soon.


michele-386552 1119529169

Yes please!! What shall I fetch? I'll leave the quich for Nade as hers are so fab! Speake to you soon Michele


Griffin Family 1119725870

Bring what ever you like.I'll get in bread & crisps etc.and do some pizzas.


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