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Having just got married in the UK despite living in Brittany I was wondering who needs to be notified in France and how. Will it involve getting the marriage certificate translated? Anyone know the actual facts?

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Your a resident here in Brittany? Friends of ours (French) got married in crete but had to be married again by the mairie as the marriage wasn't recognised by the government here. They we aware of this fact before they got married in Crete but they were happy to do so because then they could have more parties. I would presume it would be the same for you. Hopefully someone can tell me I'm wrong.


If you are a British National, even though resident in Brittany, then your marriage will be recognized in France.  The main authorities to inform will be your local tax office and your health provider, i.e. CPAM, RSI etc.   It will really depend on your local authorities as to whether they want your marriage certificate translated as they all vary.  Some Mairies will deal with informing those concerned.  Hope this helps and congratulations. 

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Works the other way around as well , I got happily divorced 24 years ago in France and that through their system is recognized right through the EU 

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I am a British National, resident in France and married in the Philipinnes . There has never been any query here about the marriage not being recognised , All certificates have been accepted here , I am surprised Crete is diffferent!

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We got married in Las Vegas.  We just had to wait 8 months and got the French Embassy in Washington involved until finally the translation was submitted to the French interested parties.  Wasn't any problem for us because we were living in Germany and working with NATO so...


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As mentioned before , I was married in the Philipinnes, marriage certificate was in English, accepted in France , have never been asked for a translation to French.

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My daughter ( now French citizen ) is getting married next yr in UK ( to French lad ' born & bred' ) - getting married in UK so my parents can be there ( cannot do the crossings now + she wants to get married in a Church ) - they have asked / checked etc over here - marriage certificate ( English ) fine

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Sounds like the UK certificate might be sufficient. Still not quite clear who actually needs to be informed. I will make an appointment to see someone at CPAM and might try emailing (with Google translates help) the tax office. 

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