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Can you help ? I understand there is a shop in St. Brieuc which sells ladies clothes suitable for Mother of the Bride.  Please could I have the name or address. Like most of us gals living in Brittany we don't have the occasion to buy something as smart as I need for a posh hotel wedding... and, of course, I want to do my daughter proud.  But being a size 22/24 on top and an 18 below  ... it is difficult to even try to buy clothes on line , which would be an easy option, or even Ebay....  I really need to try the prospective outfit on. Also being so "voluptuous" not easy to find an outfit .. and... I brought such a good wardrobe of stuff with me, I haven't had to forage for clothes yet. So, if you could steer me in the right direction, I would be really appreciative.  I don't want to travel too far ... so St Brieuc, Pontivy or Loudeac would be great. Have a great day.

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Roches 1159447016

If shopping in St Brieuc town centre, did you notice a shop like this?

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why not go to Rennes for the day shopping...there is a "Galleries LaFayette" in Centre Ville and tons of other clothing shops then just south of Centre Ville, just off the Rocade there is the ALma Mall, also with many clothing shops and a "Printemps"

Good luck!

Roches 1159449644

Thanks for that.  Actually going on the 23rd October for a consultation and could look for something at the same time.


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In the centre of St Brieuc tjere's a shop called 'Un Jour Ailleurs' which is very good and is where I bought my outfit for my son's summer wedding but sadly not your size but I do have a summer hat  which is a peachy/pink and cream colour if you'd like to borrow it!


near Gouarec in Dept 22

Roches 1159521047

Tiffany.. you are a star !

That's EXACTLY the information I needed.

Thanks for the offer of the hat ...... see what I can buy there first ... I'll be sending you a pm anyway.

For anyone else looking for lovely clothes .. I think the sizes go up to 54 ! I found their website


The address in Saint Brieuc is

15 rue Guillaume, 22000 St Brieuc     Tel:  02 96 61 95 35(not sure if it 02 96 or 02 98 !)

 Open from 10am - 7pm

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