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My husband is in the process of building a sand pit for the girls but needs a supplier of play sand - any suggestions for suppliers particularly as we will need a large quantitiy (more than a couple of bags). Any where in Merdrignac or Ploermel Regions. Thank you Hilary    

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b-j 1083234747

Bazarland stock playsand, but I don't know if you have one in your area


James-382784 1083238012

Carrefour at St Malo has it at €5 something for a bag or Weldom in Combourg has it at €6 something for a bag. It appears to be widely available

Hilary-382125 1083239868

Thanks very much for the suggestions - I'll pass the info on and we can start looking.


Santana-382899 1083248728

Hilary does it have to be play sand?  We used builders sand in our kids sandpit, and never had any problems with it.  It's cheaper when you have a lot to buy.

cazherts 1083256050

Something I am sure you have thought of, just keep the lid on your sandpit at night because cats love to do their business in it.  I learned from experience!


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