Schools closed on Monday?

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Does any one know if French educational establishments will be closed tomorrow for the 3rd national day of mourning please?

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Sarah 1447583920

Son has asked his friends and they say they have school tomorrow so unless we get an email from them will be taking him in :)

Live&Love 1447583985

Technically it's only day 2 as its from Sunday - Tuesday. But this is something im curious about too as I've just been talking to my neighbours who have informed me it's only for Paris not Brittany? 

babyblue-407061 1447584931

My daughter is in school college/lychee and her friends have said they are wearing black tomorrow as a sign of respect. 

We are in 22 

buster-784461 1447592130

The  schools & other public buildings in Paris  were closed over the W/E for security reasons- the public were asked to stay at home -- but most didnt!!


gwenn-391886 1447597955

Schools and universities will be open tomorrow (Monday)but school trips across France (e.g. to museums/cinema) are cancelled at least until next weekend, visits to sporting events still taking place but not if the trip requires using public transport.

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