Shopping for a wedding outfit.where ?

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My other 1/2 is wondering where best to find  a wedding outfit , if possible without breaking the bank. Would it make sense to do a shopping trip to Jersey, and if so where would you recommend, and how much does the ferry cost ? (foot passengers I guess) .   I don't think we can do a proper UK trip before the event, but would consider that again without the car if Plymouth, or Portsmouth retailers can be recommended. She doesn't think that buying locally is an option because anything that appeals also melts the card   :( Any help with this conundrum much appreciated................................David Baud / Camors(56)

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Froggy-383887 1138699078

day trip to Jersey on offer for 26 euros return..we saw the ad in the terminal  at St .Malo  last weekend

we didn't come here for the weather

David56-382819 1138702605

Thanks Froggy, 26eu A/R seems pretty good,  just checked foot pass. rate to UK with BF, don't think we'll be doing that option !



Baud / Camors(56)

gisme 1138703820

Why not try Chez Soie in Carhaix opposite the Bretagne immobilier in the main street. The proprietor is English and the dresses are from New york with a very reasonable price tag. Hope this helps


camper-391168 1139004474

Have a wedding dress for sale,unused as daughter changed her mind.Dress brought in Paris,details on buy and sell section


Brittany Direct-382203 1139005956

Getting ready for our wedding, future wife got her dress at "Vêtements Poulain" at Malansac. Good choice and even better prices.
They have a website


Brittany Direct-382203 1139006130

Why we are on the subject, try for your invitations, good selection, good prices and excellent service!
We saved abot 30% compared to local shops on ecactly the same articles!!!!


Liz Howard 1139610919


A few places in Jersey 'Stella Lilliana' in Beaumont, Browns Bridal in Have des pas and, Ellis in La Columbrie St Helier.  I have ordered my dress from Stella - they take the VAT off so are definately cheaper than UK.  I checked a few prices and styles in French wedding mags but they seemed to be more expensive than the dresses I saw in Jersey.  Hope this helps.


Liz Howard

David56-382819 1139651220

Thanks for the ideas, I should have made it clearer its not my  other 1/2 that needs the wedding dress, but a wedding outfit. Well I think thats the case, if not she can buy her own !!



Baud / Camors(56)

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