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I just thought I would put a posting on to let you know that the pottery painting place The Clay Barn is now offering more activities. They now do glass fusing courses and Decopatch, (decorating card board supports with really cool special papers).  They can also offer mug printing, you can put a photo on a mug or do what I did, my daughter who is 4, drew a picture for her mum for Mothers Day and this was transferred to a mug.  I was speaking to the owner and they are planning to do the same thing on T-shirts this summer.  You can also buy some lovely hand made jewellery which isn't expensive. Worth a visit    

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Great place for children and anyone into crafts etc - give it a try, our daughter loves the place!!


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I'm answering an old post from AngloInfo about the Clay Barn - I had heard it had shut - do you happen to have their email or contact details?


Many thanks

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Sadly it does look like it has closed as nothing posted on their website since 2010! Although why the website is still up is a mystery as they would need to carry on paying domain hosting I would imagine so was surprised to still see it. Such a shame as its a fab activity for young gite guests on rainy days. Of course it is possible that they have a new website but then most people would post a note on there to direct you to it. 

Here's the website:

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Bit of detective work uncovered that the original website was stolen! I have found them on facebook but no entries since summer 2014. They appear to either have previously merged or become another company called Verre Fusion in conjunction with Clay barn but their website has not been updated since 2013. At least there is an email address and telephone number which is what you wanted. I've put a message up on the facebook page

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It's all closed, they went back to the UK at Easter this year.

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I am afraid Chirpy Chicken is right, after 9 years in France, we have now returned to the U.K. I would like to thank our loyal customers who did support us over the years.  The website is still running as I will be offering the activity on a mobile basis back here in the U.K.


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