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Are large trampolines widely available in Brittany?  If so where is the best place to look, either new or secondhand.  If tenants use the trampoline are there any "special" rules and regulations etc apart from the usual million.carolb

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Hi Carol, trampolines are potentially very dangerous. UK schools used to have them when they were the 'latest thing' in gymnastics. There were many terrible accidents with many people ending up in Stoke Manderville hospital, paralysed/disabled. Many schools got rid of them because of the potential hazards.

The training as an instructor was good but it is essential to have trained 'spotters' at intervals around the 'bed'. The main problem is people's lack of control/skill so that if catchers aren't good enough a trampolinist can eg. fall between the springs-they should be covered with cushioned flat pads-or fall on their neck-the commonest injury/problem.

I don't know what the situation is in France but I would think hard before getting one.

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Thanks Moi, I was not thinking of the full sized ones, you can ones in England about 7 or 8ft across and they do have covers over the springs, you can even sink them into the ground.


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Hi Carol,
Marginally better then the full sized ones. Things to be careful of: water or anything wet on the surface/only one person on the tramp. at a time/adult supervision at all times. Not sure what the insurance situation would be.


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