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Does anybody have the experience of getting Doctor's Notes from the UK translated here in Bretagne.My parents are moving to Bretagne and at this moment in time do not speak the language very well. They naturally, have years of medical notes that are extremely important to their well being and need to be clear when visiting a Doctor when here. Is there a professional body that is able to prepare a break down of such criteria that people may have heard of. Any thoughts, comments greatly received.Thank you very much.

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Lyni-402480 1195751884

I didn't bother to get my notes translated as I was told it wasn't necessary as most terms are in Latin. My French Doctor had no trouble reading my notes and was very thorough at my initial consultation. If you want a translator the best place to ask is at the Marie but will probably cost a lot.

Vixter-398527 1195763735

When my husband asked our UK doctor for his notes to be transferred over here, he was told that it couldn't be done. I wonder why?

I assume that yours, Peace & Lyni, were sent direct to your nominated French doctor.


Lyni-402480 1195764078

No they were not sent, I just asked for a printout of my records and my Dr did it there and then. He did say that normally there is a charge but he did it for free!

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